Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"New Spielberg/Jackson Movie For LOST Fans?"

A boy, his dog, and an island.
LOST aficionados might enjoy the new Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson project planned to be finished in 2009. It's based on the vintage Belgian comic strip adventures of a boy named Tintin and his dog. One of the books is "Flight 714 To Sydney", in which some shady preflight cockpit personnel switches are made, and the passengers end up crashed on an island where they meet up with thugs (who engineered the switch), and mysterious things are happening among ancient ruins. Sounds familiar, right? There is also one called "The Black Island", which I haven't read yet. Andy Serkis (LOTR/Gollum) is to play one of Tintin's nutty sidekicks Captain Haddock, so that sounds interesting. Thomas Sangster (Love Actually & Nanny McPhee) will star as Tintin.

No news yet on which of the many books they will base the first movie (of a possible a trilogy). They might be wise to ride the wave of the current LOST craze and portray the island stories, but all the books are a lot of fun. If the movie is released during a LOST hiatus, it could be a pleasant diversion, and give us even more fodder for crossover theme discussion! :-)


Kyle/TheBookPolice said...

Have we heard of this story before? Has it been tied in to LOST? It has completely escaped my awareness.

I was thinking about your "Ah love you Penneh" line from a few weeks ago. The accent/dialect spelling is so perfect and funny, it stuck in my head. Any time I see a word ending in "-eh," I thik of it.

So anyway, hi!

Capcom said...

Hi Kyle! Thanks for visiting! I am looking forward to this movie, I hope that they do it right. Two directors who are nitpickers for details should be a good sign.

I think that a couple seasons ago, someone must have mentioned the tie-in between LOST and this comic, because I purchased a copy of it off of Amazon last year. But I can't remember where I got the idea for looking it up. Maybe J.Wood or Doc Jensen? Those two would be the most likely sources for obscure literary connections with LOST.

My nephews like to say that Dez line a lot too. Also, tacking "Brothah" onto the end of sentences. :o)