Thursday, April 10, 2008

"LOST Mini-Break Activity #2"

Hurley finds a new DHARMA station!!!
Heheh, just kidding. It's just an image from Jorge Garcia's awesomely candid blog! He has been blogging a lot lately about his global excursions and general discoveries in the "University of Life" (as it was put so eloquently in "Empire of the Sun"). And he has the cutest puppy, Nunu, who likes to chew on what looks like a little stuffed polar bear -- very apropos. So remember to spend some mini-break time over at his blog to read about Hurley's excellent adventures. He never ceases to amaze and crack wise for his fans with stories of his island safaris. What a great guy!


maven said...

He is just such a great all-round "normal" person who takes such joy in simple things! And Jorge has such a great sense of humor. And he cooks, too! LOL

I always check his blog and get so happy to see his latest posts!

Capcom said...

Me too Maven, the guy really knows how to cheer up your day right when you need it. God really blesses some people with that gift. He must be a fun person to know personally.