Friday, April 25, 2008

"What's That Matter Miles? 4.09"

Do not barter with Ben, do not collect $3.2 mil.
"Well Miles, you don't get to collect your 3.2 million dollars." So says Ben to Miles in the heat of the battle. And I could be wrong, but seeing the freighter mercenaries as their true selves seems to have changed Miles' attitude a bit. He's not so cocky anymore (he actually looked a bit bewildered) and seems willing to work with the Losties and Ben to stay alive. Perhaps he's still his old self and is merely sticking to whatever side is closest that he can use to his advantage. But then again, maybe he's seen the light about the freighter peeps and he has an inner good-guy self that is coming out. If so, he could be a good ally for the Losties with his skills, and perhaps he could shake Charlotte and Dan out of their rose-tinted glasses concerning the freighter's true purpose.


memphish said...

I really loved Miles in this episode. There were a lot of minor things like how did the Freighties know where to find Miles, but maybe he sends out his own telepathic signal. I really wish Miles had gone to see Jacob though. That would be interesting. Maybe he, Sawyer and Claire will encounter Christian Shephard on their way back to the beach. Now THAT would be interesting.

Of course the real test for Miles will be his attitude when he gets back to the beach.

Capcom said...

I feel the same. Why have TPTB not utilized Miles' cognition that much on the island where there are screaming ghosts and whispers all over the place? And why is he not worth as much to Ben as Walt was? At the very least he should be constantly putting his hands up to his ears in gesture, even if he doesn't explain to anyone what's happening to him. Oh well.