Monday, October 26, 2009

"Happy Lostoween!"

Brought to you by poster #7, and my usual silly modifications. BTW, close-ups of the poster have been taken by the lucky owners who so kindly share their acquisitions with us, and this one has some very nice gold detailing.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Poster #9"

This week's poster is an amazing piece of Lost subject done in minimalist (some say comic book) graphic style -- the radio tower, the A-team, and Shannon's first appearance in a poster. But the color did nothing for me. I would have tried to buy it if it looked more like how I manipulated the color above (but with a blue sky -- I couldn't make only the vegetation green and the sky blue with my program). I'm not crazy about beige at all. But it's a great poster and a perfect slice-of-Lost moment nonetheless, in my opinion. The translating of Rousseau's transmission was a jolting development that introduced a storm of questions in viewer's minds. Some people don't think so, but I do.

The original colors. An odd choice to me, but I must defer to the professional here.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

"For Cusick Fans"

This week on the PBS series "Nova", the show veered off into more of a "Masterpiece Theater" genre, showing a two-part movie "Darwin's Darkest Hour." Henry Ian Cusick stars as Charles Darwin, looking still very much like island-Des with the longer Victorian period hair, but without the Scottish accent. Cusick plays the fatherly Darwin well, who in this stage of his life before his notes and ideas were published, balanced his passion for studying nature with family life. The 2-hour drama is interesting, but a bit heavy on the exposition. Much of Darwin's formative years of study are shown in flashbacks during talks with his wife. All in all though, a good venue for Desmond fans to see Cusick in another role.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

"We've Got A Bomb"

Not much time for posting rambling words about Lost lately, I've been getting some tech training at a museum where I volunteer by day, and I've been fully engrossed in Ken Burns' "The National Parks" documentary series on PBS all this week by night. But I have been thinking about how great it was that TPTB gave us some scenes with the Hostiles in the temple-like grotto of the tunnels and taking some of the Losties there! Actually, Jack found out about Jughead before they swam to the cave, not like my liberty-taking graphic above shows, and he surprisingly believed it. He never believes anything anyone says usually, whoodathunk he'd buy that? I do have some difficulty understanding how the Hostiles moved Jughead to the grotto, I hope that we find out more about that. Maybe Smokey rolled it there, or they used Ed Leedskalnin's anti-gravity method of moving tons of coral to build a little castle garden in Florida all by himself. :-)

By the way, if these tunnels are near and/or under the barracks, that seems to be the way that Richard evaded the security of the sonic fence when he marched in and planted the torch in the quad. Alluding to this array of tunnels also lends credence to the theory that there could be a tunnel network on the island that allowed Ethan and Goodwin to get to the wreckage sites so quickly. It also helps to picture the connection to the tunnel entrance in Ben's (and formerly Horace's?) cottage and Smokey's lair. Indeed, some details are coming together a bit for us, however sketchy.

I hope that everyone is enjoying the Lost poster activities, the latest artwork of Smokey and Eko is awesome. A very good graphic for Halloween as well.