Friday, February 29, 2008

"Favorite Love Scenes 4.05"

"I'll find you!" "I promise!"
"No matter what!" "I'll come back!"
"I won't give up!" "I love you!"


"Favorite Scenes 4.05"

Is the "hole" in the sky the location of bearing 305' ?

This, and all of the scenes connecting with FIND815!

"Favorite Lines 4.05"

"I need you to find me." [in the past]
To quote Margot Channing, "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night!"

"Why didn't I help you then?" [in the future]
Good one Dan! :-D

"You're nah' stickin' me with that, Brothah!"
Oh, how I would have loved to have said that to my cancer doctors just once!

"This is where I do the things that Oxford frowns upon."
Let's hear it for the maverick scientists of the world!

"I need a minute."
To re-wire the entire room?! :-D

"Footnotes For the Future 4.05"

Dan's notes on Imaginary Time and Space.
Are Dan's scribbled circles like the blue oval areas on the Minkowski graphic below?

Minkowski's theory on Imaginary Time and Space illustrated.
I don't have a clue. But you never know, this all might come in handy later. ;-)

Friday, February 22, 2008

"Favorite Scenes 4.04"

The boathouse.
This island terrain here looked different from what we usually see. It seemed sort of misty and spooky. And the screeching peacock, or whatever it was, sounded eerily human -- it even turned Kate's head. I hope that someone with some tech savvy can check this audio out for us.

Dan's grimace upon checking out the box of DHARMA food!

Kate's drive to suburbia.
I thought for sure that she was going to drive up to the original Brady Bunch house.

"Favorite Line 4.04"

He's got that right.

Friday, February 15, 2008

"Fave Scene 4.03"

OK, now were getting somewhere, TPTB!

Maybe after all the math is done by the more studious viewers in Lost Land, I'll post the ramifications of the calculations here, if a final consensus can be achieved. Then the larger questions will be, what did the missile have to travel through to get to Dan at the designated target, and why did the instruments on the ship see it arriving at the LZ before it actually got there?

TPTB also leave us to continue guessing about what kind of possible lensing or shielding effect is surrounding the electrical shield?...a magnetic lens?...both combined?...or the ominous wormhole?...that caused the time differential. And, why did Dan the quizzical scientist think that the outcome was a bad thing, and not an interesting scientific condition? He was very specific with Frank about where to fly to get away from the island and back to the ship, as if it would be dangerous to diverge from the coordinates. TBD as usual!

Update: Over at Fishbiscuitland there is a mention of Time Dilation. I found a simple video of that on Youtube:

In a nutshell: A ship-to-ship laser pulse seems to take a certain amount of time to bounce back, as seen from the two ships. From the view of an asteroid that the ships are passing, the distance is longer, due to the distance traveled by the ships that bounce the pulse. Maybe this is why the missile took longer to get to Dan? This should please those who like to think that the island is moving somehow, so do I. Although you'd think that the ship-to-island path on the show would represent the ship-to-ship path in the video, so I still can't get my brain to understand it completely. Unless the moving island and the stationary ship are the two separate vantage points. Ah well, that's all I've gotten so far. Can anyone elaborate?

Also, Morelosthanu posted on The Lost Community blog (after Ellen found a science thread to a donut-space/Moebius strip thought), that a surrounding Moebius area of space could explain the one "flat" spot for escape via the critical coordinates that Dan stressed to Frank upon leaving the island, and that Ben gave to Michael. This could make getting into the island gravity-well a bit less tricky than getting out. Insertion into the Moebius ring might just involve getting swept into the space/time/gravity "current", but could still be "tricky" (turbulent?) as it was explained to Juliet. Though getting out of it would be more difficult, as in, veering off course could send you circling the island in the Moebius loop "walls" until you fell back into the island-space, like Dez did. does this relate to the Dilation theory?? Further discussion is pending.

"Fave Line 4.03"

"...and if he still doesn't tell us, then we'll move on to Roast Beef."

Sawyer, on shooting "Gizmo's" piggies. :-D

Fave Pop Culture Parallel 4.03"

Elsa shot Sayid, and Sayid shot Elsa...very "Mr. And Mrs. Smith"!

Friday, February 8, 2008

"Fave Scene 4.02"

Hydra collars, global experiments, etc.! This dig also brings to mind Scully excavating the UFO in Africa.

"Fave Line 4.02"

"The light, it's strange out's kind of like it doesn't scatter quite right."

"When light hits small particles the light scatters in all directions...scattered light then undergoes [an] interference by the surrounding can occur when light travels in transparent solids and liquids, but is most prominently seen in gases [such as the atmosphere]...scattering contribute[s] to diffuse light...dependent upon the size of the particles and the wavelength [or color] of the light." (Wiki)

So Dan could maybe have either noticed an odd color shift to the ambient island light (via the visible spectrum), or perhaps the kind of effect that you see during a solar eclipse. That's when the light of the sun passes around the moon on its way to the earth, and you can see in the light between the shadows of tree leaves a kind of diffused effect, like the shape of the sun during the eclipse. Magnetism and gravity can bend light also, creating odd visual results. Hope that we hear more about this soon! Thank you TPTB for sending a physicist to the island! :-D

More on the color spectrum and light scattering:

Sunday, February 3, 2008

"Fave Scene 4.01"

Momentary Peace.

"Fave Line 4.01"

"Are you insane???!"