Friday, November 20, 2009

"The 5000 Fingers Of TPTB"

It occurred to me today that this crazy Lost hiatus poster-buying event is a lot like the Dr. Seuss story "The 5000 Fingers Of Dr. T." In the 1953 fantasy movie, crazy Dr. Terwilliker decides to enslave 500 boys to all play the piano at once, for his amusement.

In the same way, TPTB of Lost have weekly enslaved (tens-of?) thousands of fans to their computers, hitting their F5 buttons every few seconds like robots, to participate in this super-limited poster sale. Dr. Terwilliker would be in awe. But what began as a lot of fun for all, evolved into much disappointment for many. Seconds after they go on sale they are sold out. Accounts of the making of the "Dr. T" movie reveal that at one point in the filming, almost all the boys at the pianos vomited simultaneously after one boy got sick, in a horrible regurgitation domino effect on the set. Some of the fans in this poster event have felt the same way.

And wouldn't you know, the story even has a Smoke Monster of sorts. Check out the movie, it's some silly fun. Maybe more fun than making yourself sick by F5ing repeatedly for a half hour, hoping against hope to get a little Lost swag for posterity. We really do thank TPTB for this generous hiatus scheme that they dreamt up to show appreciation to their fans, they are the best TV Powers That Be ever. But maybe next time this is done by a production team, an option for a not-so-limited appreciation might also be offered as well, so as not to create such an exclusive nature within the event. JMHO. We don't know how this DCAAPB event will end though, so perhaps TPTB have something more inclusive for all fans rigged up for the ending, who knows.,000_Fingers_of_Dr._T/

Sunday, November 1, 2009

"A Juliet WCM For A Poster"

In spite of a few water cooler moments given to Juliet, it seems doubtful that she will get a poster all to herself. But if she did, her encounter with Smokey might make a great subject. She stood up to Smokey better than most of the guys when she and Kate were getting chased by it. Not only did she seem to be fairly confident in the banyan tree when Smokey was scanning the women, but she showed her usual island gutsiness at the sonic fence as well -- most likely due to the familiarity with Smokey that she gained as an insider in Otherville.

Why this seems like a Juliet WCM for me, is because it embodies the complete 180' turn that her personality made after she came to the island, possibly exhibiting what's known as "Pissed-Off Passive Syndrome" (which I can very much relate to after 32 years at IBM). Pre-Island, she couldn't even stand up to her Ex when he brought his Honey into the lab not even caring if Juliet would see them. She actually hunkered down on the ground hiding from them behind lab equipment. Then well beyond the supposed end of her term with the Others, she stands on her feet going toe-to-toe (if Smokey has toes) with some kind of unworldly monster. It would have made an interesting poster-worthy moment, IMHO.