Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"LOST Mini-Break Activity #1"

I had forgotten about Rodimus' Lostopoly game until he re-posted it recently. Go to his blog, download and assemble the zip file, grab some accouterments from your regular Monopoly game box in your closet, and have some LOST hiatus fun. What a great idea and piece of work, thanks for sharing it with us Rodimus. Enjoy LoCos! And don't forget to read his episode thoughts as well.
(Above image is from there too)


M The Alien said...

I'm gonna be all about some LOSTOPOLY tonight!

I wanted to make sure you saw this vid:

This is concerning your "Little Big Walt" post.

Capcom said...

Holy moly, he's old! Aw, he's getting his driver's license. And he seems very level-headed.

Thanks Alien, that's great! :-)

pgtbeauregard said...

No way can Walt get his driver's licence until Jacob gives the okay!


Thanks for the good posts capcom.


Capcom said...

Tx PGT! Well at least Jacob will keep him from hurting himself in any car crashes maybe. :-)

Man, I ran out of ink in the middle of printing out my Lostopoly game so I didn't get to put it together right away. I definitely have to take it to get printed on some cardstock though, like Rodimus did.

M The Alien said...

Lmao PGT!

That stinks Capcom, I got mine all printed out!

Capcom said...

Are you going to make player pieces too Alien? I might make some flat ones with the paperclay that I have. I don't know if I would be able to make nice one's like Rodimus' did, that my family wouldn't die laffing at. Maybe just some DI station symbols, or whatever else on the island that is flat.

A four toed foot would be awesome as a piece tho! :o)

M The Alien said...

I planned on trying to get some old pewter pieces from the local hobby shops and reshape them, the best I can, into island related items. I thought the same thing about 4toes when i first read this post.

Capcom said...

Hey good idea. Even some of those tiny rubber animals that they sell at craft stores would be cool...polar bear, shark, Hurleybird...heheh.