Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Klimt's LOST Kiss"

Lately, I've got no theories. I'm all theoried-out. So when that happens I play with the pretty pictures. I was looking at Klimt's painting "The Kiss" the other day, and it reminded me of The Kiss of Season 4, so I made up this little montage of Des' and Pen's special moment. :-)

BTW, here's the original painting by Gustav Klimt (1862-1918, Austrian symbolism artist).

Friday, August 22, 2008

"How Far Will Sun's Revenge Go?"

A lot depends on the information Sun gets from Locke after he visits them.
I kind of think that Widmore is the other person besides Paik that Sun holds responsible for Jin's "death", or their separation, since it was his search and destroy mission that brought on the mercs. That would make the coy merger that she's doing with him all the more poetic in application, in the vein of "keeping your enemies closer", before she destroys him financially or whatever. Or, Locke could use the info of why the freighter blew up to get Sun mad enough to go back and do whatever it is that Locke needs them to do. But if she finds out about what happened in the Orchid, she could go after Ben off-island instead. Then the path of vengeance-begetting-vengeance becomes the theme of her sad future too -- that is, with Ben killing Keamy and blowing up the freighter to avenge Alex, then Sayid killing to avenge Nadia, Sun killing Ben to avenge Jin, and who knows what else in Seasons 5 and 6. (Quite frankly I hope that all the killing on this show starts to wind down soon!)

Hopefully Sun merely wants to mentally and financially twist the b@lls of the guys who are responsible for separating her from Jin (like the coup of her father's business, rather than killing him) and doesn't end up lowering herself to committing murder like those she feels are responsible. Even though she defended herself well against Colleen on the sailboat (most likely due to being pregnant making her even more defensive), up to this point I don't think that Sun is a killer per se, but you never know with this show. Most of the characters are turning tail on their own personalities, for good and bad and crazy, ever since they got to the island.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Why Kate's Contempt For Dead Locke?"

"Why would I go to the funeral?"
It was a simple reply, and not laced with too much emotion (probably to keep us from sensing too much about it), but I could see enough of a tinge of repulsion in it that I kind of expected Kate to spit on the ground after she said it to seal the sentiment. A lot of other fans sensed it enough that many voted for Ben being the dead-guy, since he has done so much to earn the hatred of any of the 815ers.

I wonder what happened between Kate and John that ticked her off so much? Could it just be because of all his efforts to keep them from leaving the island? His general half-cocked, explosive craziness? Or is it something that Locke did as the alias Jeremy, after they left the island? Makes you wonder if John might have tried to abduct Aaron somehow when he went to talk to Kate, on his off-island recruiting mission. He could have gone to her to convince her to take Aaron back to the island, she says no, and when she goes to get some iced tea in the kitchen to politely send him off, he sneaks upstairs to try to nick Aaron and she catches him and freaks out. As with everything else, we'll just have to wait and see.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

"Misfiring Pens And Guns"

We saw that when Claire was trying to sign the adoption papers, her pens failed to work in the same way that Mike's gun didn't work for him at multiple attempts. So come on Powers That Be, when are you going to tell us why the island wouldn't let Claire take Aaron anywhere but to the island? The psychic said that it would have to be that flight. So it looks as if the island was calling the shots there. I hope that we don't have to wait until the finale of all finales, to learn why Aaron was supposed to crash on the island (and, exactly how it is that the island has all this power to control events!). But it's such a huge mystery at this point, that's probably when and how it will be the final scene before the blackout-boom-logo. At least maybe TPTB will give us a few hints and crumbs along the way.

Some theories on Aaron can of course be found at Lostpedia. One that sounded interesting to me was: "Jack and Kate are the "nice couple in LA" to whom Richard Malkin wanted Claire to give Aaron. He didn't know that the plane would crash, but only knew of the future where Jack and Kate were happily raising Aaron." That makes it appear that although Malkin was perhaps not an operating psychic, maybe he did get flashes of precognition like Desmond that didn't really fit together, and he just pieced them in his head to make as much sense of them as he could. Hmmm.

Friday, August 8, 2008

"Thoughts On The Tunnels"

Ever since we learned of the possibility of subterranean passageways on the island, we've wondered how the DI could have created all the miles of conduits through the volcanic island rock, in the short time since they landed on the island. But after seeing Ben turn the FDW, I'm starting to think now that most of the tunnels were dug out by the ancient islanders and the DI was able to add onto the existing tunnels, with offshoots to their buried stations. A few of the points in the show that make me think this way are:

1) The limited amount of time the DIs had to dig these tunnels. It seems as if they were mostly ready as soon as the stations were finished. The DI would have to be careful drilling around underground, in case there were still any "live" lava veins in the area. Wouldn't it be dangerous to be drilling everywhere quickly without careful and cautious geological exploration of a small volcanic island ahead of time?

2) We saw the ancient looking construction and glyphs in the cave/tunnel where Ben called on Smokey, and into where he had to crawl to get to the FDW. So some sub-structures were there before the DI arrived and set up shop.

3) If there were ancient inhabitants, there's a volcano, and they could have known about any empty dead lava tubes to use for tunnels. This could have assisted them in creating the vast system of conduits without modern technology -- unless they had some kind of Alien/Atlantean equipment to use of course (j/k, sort of). Otherwise, they could have just taken their time and primitively dug their way around over the course of many decades or centuries, since it looks like someone's been on the island for a very long time.

4) The Others/Hostiles seemed to pop up in the most obscure (from the stations and barracks) positions when they began to take the 815ers in the first two seasons. Why would the DI bother to scrape out tunnels in remote areas of the jungle and beach that weren't connected with their stations or experiments? The remote surprise access probably also aided the Hostiles in their attacks on the DI.

So, it looks as though there could have been a pre-existing tunnel system left from the early days of the island. After the DI arrived, the stations then could have been considered according to where the main tunnels were, allowing them to easily create new linking passages for the stations. Radzinsky's map may also show where the DI attempted to cut off access from their stations' tunnels to the Hostiles' tunnels after trouble started. Chances are, the DI never got to finish exploring all the subterranean tubes within the island before their situation began to deteriorate.