Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Fate Vs. Probabilty - 5.07"

Leave it to Lost to make us wonder what kind of memory loss you'd have if you died and came back to life in a different place. Apparently you'd remember dying, but you'd have a heck of a time figuring out how you ended up on a beach in a strange suit that you didn't own. And you'd really love juicy tropical fruit. And speaking of the living dead, are we supposed to think that Christian came back to life too, and is not just an apparition? He did seem to take off his shoes as well.

** It was very satisfying to see so much of Widmore (especially at the FDW exit!) and to have him be so chatty. But why did he wait so long to help Locke? It seems like everyone in Locke's life likes to make him suffer first before they help him.

** Are we supposed to think that Widmore is confused about the time travel concerning when he first met Locke? He's lived on the island in the days before the DI, knows the FDW effects, and knows enough about the supposed portals or vortices to know about "exits", and yet he still thinks, "...that's incredible" that so little time as passed since he met Locke? Also, I'd like to know how Widmore and the islanders protected the island "peacefully" while they're killing US Army soldiers, etc.

** Oh, and the "Because you are" answer to Locke about why he's special was totally lame and I'm calling shenanigans on TPTB!

** It was so fantastic to see Abaddon too! Did he get to ask Locke for that favor he was owed? Alas, he's gone too soon.

** Why is it that whenever Locke gets foothold on his purpose or destiny, he always forgets his manners and etiquette and starts ordering people around?! Not very nice John, maybe that's why people are mean to you, because you are mean to them. Mr. Abaddon was just trying to do his job.

** Since Sayid said that he was manipulated by Ben, does that mean that he thinks/knows that Ben killed Nadya?

** I have no idea why Ben saved Locke just to kill him, or why he went berserk when Locke mentioned Mrs.Hawking. And really John, is that rathole the best room that you could get with the money that Widmore gave you? :-o

** Oh Kate, you incredible pompous ass. "Haha, charade you are!" Look at how far you've come, you still think that you're better than everyone else and can presume to know everything about people that you have no interest in whatsoever. The evil eye to you Kate. Or better yet, I'll give you the treatment that a certain celebutard blogger gives his photos.

** Is Helen really dead? Probably, but I don't know what to believe on this show anymore. I really did like what Abaddon said at the grave site though. I've always been confused about destiny, predestination, what's meant to be, etc.

** Like Jay said at his blog, that was some amazing Jack-face (about 100 of 'em in a row!) when he and Locke were talking about his father. Yes Jack, it's highly probable that you will outdo Lon Chaney, Man Of A Thousand Faces, when you are upset!

** What was the drawing of the Imaginary Space and Time doing in the Hydra? Is it Dan's or did he copy that page into his notebook? Wow.

** Was that red hair in the preview?????? :-o

** Good bye Mr. Abaddon, you seemed like a very cool guy. Hope that we see you in another life, or time, soon.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Deja Vu All Over Again - 5.06"

This was an excruciating week for me in many ways, so I haven't got much of a response to this episode. I had to watch it three times before things finally began to sink in, and I haven't even had the interest to read other recaps yet. What struck me at first viewing though, was how last week's ending was repeated in part of this week's beginning. And this week's opening scene was repeated at the end of this episode. Hmm. Are we supposed to take something from that? Dual worlds? Multiple universes? I dunno.

** Interesting development, this off-island DI station called the Lamp Post. I half expected Ms.Hawking to plug in a DI orientation video! Did the Hostiles take over all the global DI stations?

** The spiral staircase that they descended brought to mind the famous mysterious staircase at Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe. I know, sometimes a staircase is just a staircase. But it's a great story full of mystic and religious symbolism, and a mysterious piece of handiwork.

** Of course it was great to see more of the calculation room and the pendulum. Who watching didn't think that Des was either going to get clocked by the pendulum, or kick it? I hope that we find out how it works to set up the coordinates on the flipping wall chart.

** So, L.A. has an abnormal energy pocket as well? Who knew? That must be why Hollywood is so crazy. There is one off the CA coast according to the Vortices theory maps. And who could this "clever fellow" be? Alvar? Daniel? And does Dan's chalkboard match up at all with Mrs.H's? It's worth checking out. And what did she mean by "all the coordinates"? Maybe it's all the flights that go near the entire circumference of the energy area around the island. And what does it mean that the results will be unpredictable if they all don't go back, that they won't land in the correct time? Or someone will die? More "bad things", I guess.

** Interesting that Des gave Jack almost the same instructions about Mrs.H, as Sayid gave to Hurley about Ben.

** I wonder if Locke had to kill himself off-island because both Lockes could not be on the island at the same time. Maybe he just had to play dead-man-flying in lieu of CS. But when Jack was putting the shoes on Locke, it made me think that it was like Dorothy putting the ruby slippers back on the dead witch's feet, and I half expected Locke's feet to shrivel up like hers did! :o)

** Scoutpost on TLC had a good thought about the Thomas story that Ben told: "Perhaps that was the purpose of Ben's "Doubting Thomas" speech in the church. Maybe Jack will encounter a resurrected/reincarnated Locke and have to believe even though it doesn't make scientific sense." Sounds good. It's also interesting that the Bible verse about Thomas being faithful and protective of Jesus comes from within the story of the raising of Lazarus. Hmm. (John, ch.11)

** Jack's grandfather encounter went over my head, if there was anything there to be gleaned from that whole scenario. The only thing that made me sit up was the freaky bunny with the Richard Alpert eyes!

** I'm not even going to talk about Kate and how she acted. :-p

** It's great that Frankie was the pilot, and how fun was that to hear his voice first before seeing him?!

** Finally, I hope that Sawyer has learned his lesson and totally ignores Kate when they are reunited. Now that she's not "together" with Jack, guess who she's going to go run to? Dangitt, I didn't want to talk about her!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Death And Ruins - 5.05"

As much as this episode jumped around, I found it very satisfying. Not in terms of answering enough questions, or not adding any more, but just in how full it was of tantalizing scenes and activities! But some of the points that stuck with me are:

** If Sun shot Ben, would the Island make the gun misfire a-la Michael's attempts? Either Ben has no fear of her pulling the trigger for that reason (so he can be as snarcastic as he likes), OR, Ben has fallen out of favor (and usefulness) with the Island and he is very afraid that she will shoot him (and his sarcasm comes from that fear). I'm not quite sure what to think about where Ben may stand within the Island's graces at this point, now that he's made so many misjudgements along the way.

** It was great getting to learn more about the B612s of course, so thanks very much to TPTB for living up to their promise of giving us Danielle's backstory! Who knew that they had been to the ruins/Temple?! So sad that they lost a war with Smokey and disappeared down one of his vents though. Why was Montand so casually asking for help after his arm was ripped off?! "Hey help! And by the way, could you send down a cappuccino?" It was nice of his colleagues to look for him down the hole, but what happened to them all?? Did they look into the eye of the Island like Locke did? Maybe Robert shot Danielle for the same reason that Locke shot Naomi, because she would have ultimately, and sanely, worked against the island's wishes.

** Seeing Jin as the wise islander with the B612s was very interesting. For so long he had to rely on the guidance of everyone else, but here he was almost in a leader role for them.

** Some time-skips come quickly and some take longer. It would be weird if it happened every 4,8,15,16,23,42,and 108 minutes, which would kind of connect it to the Swan venting protocol. I doubt if it does though.

** It worries me that Locke keeps saying that Sun wasn't supposed to leave the island. If she was meant to stay, does that mean that she and JiYeon were meant to die? Because they would have if she had not left.

** "So, you speak any other languages?" "Just Klingon." X-D

** In the first few seasons, we were told that the island was a good and healing place. Now we are told that it is death? I'm confused...again.

** I wonder if we'll see little Charlotte saying something to Mr.Dan in the past in a time-skip about not having chocolate before dinner, that would connect the past and the future? And, totally freak Dan out. I'm sorry that Charlotte died, and sorry if we don't get to see Mader in the show any more, she played the part very well.

** The scene where the well closed up and Sawyer is left holding the rope was incredible. Obviously the FDW surface hole was not natural, which begs the question: Why did someone dig an easy access well to the FDW, if the power source is so volatile and dangerous to humans? Wouldn't that be a bit like leaving the lid off of the Chernobyl chimney after it blew and was spewing out radiation?

** It never ceases to amaze me how Locke can be so brave and so cowardly at the same time, and Terry O'Q is such an amazing actor in portraying all the mental nuances of emotions that run through Locke's head.

** Does Dan know that his mother lives in a church spending her time working on the mechanics of the Islands movements? Can't wait to find out.

** It looked as if the FDW did rotate some when Locke made the adjustment, was that the moment that Locke gets bounced off the island? I suppose so, since CS was practically saying good-bye.

Update: Jo commented on her first article about this ep that we should probably be studying up on Charthage and Hannibal, which is a very good idea. Charlotte's babbling might not have been just all filler dialogue to show how crazy she was until she died. :-o

Thursday, February 5, 2009

"What's Done Is Done - 5.04"

What a fun episode! Sawyer is just really working out to be an incredible character this season since TPTB have put him in the forefront of the adventures of the LB-6 (that is, the LBs without Rose and the rest). He's more trusting with people (especially with Juliet), not afraid of facing his feelings, and very different from the "new sheriff in town" attitude that he had before his life altering experiences on the island. And just when he opens his heart to someone, Kate has to rip it out. I hope that he gets close to Juliet by the time Kate comes back, and therefore won't care about her anymore when she does. Juliet's calming effect on Sawyer will hopefully lead towards that happening. Having said that:

** Here's how I would have written this line for Kate; "I've always been with you...ahem, except when I was with Sawyer." Boo, Kate, boooooo. We know better and so does Jack.
** Very interesting that TPTB have Kate coming up with the idea to lie for Aaron's sake.
** Heheh, Sun gets a "candygram" without the landshark! Who sent her the info and the chocolate handgun, I wonder?
** Again, how is it that Dan doesn't know how to explain what's going on with the mega-jet-lag? Is he having some memory problems again?
** It's a good trick that Ben is pulling to harass the O-6 into fleeing The World and go back to the island. A bad trick by TPTB for letting us think that it was Mrs. Littleton that was harassing Kate for a minute. :-p
** Would the zodiak really still be on the beach when they got there? I wouldn't think so.
** Hurley looks too cute in the orange jumpsuit.
** The Swan lightbeam, neat-o!! But why would Locke be afraid of going there, because he didn't want to risk seeing himself? Desmond could have just had the back porch light on.
** Yes, Jack "needed a change", from the crusty smelly loser junky look he was sporting there for a while.
** Does Miles not remember being on the island before (assuming that he was) because of the mega-jet-lag? Or for other mysteriously complicated reasons of his past.
** I like how quickly the LB-6 has come together to work as a team, at least in this episode. Nothing like getting shot at in a canoe to get the teamwork going!
** "I can fix this, Kate." RUNNNNN KATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
** Wow, it's soooo sweet to finally get some French connection time with the B612 (Besixdouze) and hopefully we'll get to spend some time with them and Jin (hoo-yeah!) next week. BTW, the look on Jin's face was great.
** I suppose that we are all wondering if Jin is time-skipping with the LBs. And if he is, that is really going to freak out the B612ers...and him.
** No Sun. Just no. Give up on the vengeance, it will come to no good. Maybe Sayid will roundhouse kick the gun out of her hands before she can kill anyone. Well, if Ben gets shot and killed, won't that put a crimp in the plans! :-o