Saturday, March 29, 2008

"OLP Insight On The Snowglobe"

Thank you to TPTB!
During the last Official LOST Podcast before the S4 mini-break, TPTB gave an analogy during the Q&A, on the snowglobe and magic coordinates. Combining the snowglobe aspect with the critical bearings for getting through the magnetic/atmospheric field around the island, passing through the barrier can be compared to a de-orbiting spacecraft re-entering the earth's atmosphere to land.

On TV news coverage during one of the early US space missions, someone (probably newsman Jules Bergman or astronaut Wally Schirra) explained the re-entry situation like this: if the earth was the size of a basketball, the window for re-entry would be as small as the thickness of a piece of paper. I believe that this was also featured in the movie "Apollo 13". As TPTB said in the OLP, if the angle of attack upon re-entry is not within the window, you either come in too shallow and bounce off of the atmosphere into space, or you come in too steep and burn up. Although we still don't know the nature of this mysterious barrier, or what causes it, this is an interesting way to look at the critical nature of staying on course when exiting or entering the island's boundary. Especially after Dan showed such grave concern about Frank staying on course flying back to the freighter, and, the way Dez was bounced right back toward the island while trying to sail away from it.

I'm sure that everyone heard this on the OLP, but I just thought that it was a pretty neat illustration of the island conditions.


pgtbeauregard said...


I thought that was a really good exlanation for how the barrier to the island works. Coming from TPTB made it even better, because now we know there is just one way on and off the island. They have answered some questions with that podcast, so we know you can fly, sail, boat or sub off the island as long as you follow the coordinates exactly.
I'm glad that they're addressing some issues on the OLP.

Capcom said...

Me too PGT! It also makes you wonder what this "window" is shaped like, if you can breach it via air, sea, and sub. Like a big vertical slot traversing the air and water, at the specific coordinate maybe? I hope that we find out, it's interesting to think about.

pgtbeauregard said...

The way they likened it to a spacecraft entering the earth's orbit was very specific - only one way in, otherwise you bounce off, or burn up!

Tres cool. Right up your alley~!!

Capcom said...

Yeah! :-D

And it's helpful to think of it now as a snowbglobe with a special hole/opening in it, heheh. Kind of like the top of an observatory with the slot for the telescope.

What we also need to know now (TPTB!?) is what happens to you in the burn-up part of the comparison. Being bumped back in or out is probably not too bad (unless the storm makes you crash) but it would be more dangerous if there was the possibility of disintegrating or something if you try to penetrate the barrier too aggressively. Again, prompting Dan's warnings. :-)

Capcom said...

P.S. Maybe that's how Jacob got trapped in whatever void he's in? He tried to sail straight through and got shifted into another dimension???

pgtbeauregard said...

You definitely could be onto something there Capcom. Jacob is asking for help - Ben probably knows how to help him, but doesn't want to. Ben knows exactly what's going on, and it seems as though everything that's happened so far was planned in advance (almost God-like sovereinty sp.?)

Capcom said...

That's an awesome thought that Ben knows how to help Jacob, but doesn't. That puts a lot more meaning into why Ben shot Locke -- not only becuase he was afraid of Locke being Jacob's new leader of the physical world on the island, but because Locke might find out how to help Jacob and set him free! Wow.