Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Welcome The Lost Elders Blog"

As we wrap up our Hiatus Blogs for eight weeks, and start watching LOST again, we go back to our regular episode blogs that we love to read and post on. We have a new blog now too with the new season, "The Lost Elders". Be sure to check out the authors' posts (a gaggle of Lost Community contributors!) for Season 4 commentary and information, before and after the eps, for interesting thoughts!

Have fun tonight everyone, as we watch the "VH1 Pop-up Video" (sort of) version of "Through The Looking Glass"; tomorrow's Re-Cap; and of course, Episode 4-01. Can't wait to blog with you all on the flip side of the eps! And thanks SO much to everyone for visiting my first ever attempt at creating anything on the Internet, and gracing it with your comments. It has been lots of fun! :-D Maybe I'll post here once in a while, if I get a big nagging thought about what happens in Season 4, or just to post some of the awesome images I suspect we'll see in the coming shows. Theoretically, the week between episodes could be considered a hiatus of sorts, heheh. But mostly I'll be just working on my two art blogs. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Speaking of Games...The Way Home"

Lostpedia has posted an interesting short article on the new LOST game being released. It looks very promising, and we are supposed get to have access to lots of peripheral island details that are alluded to but not addressed in the show, such as DHARMA locations, island terrain, etc. I am really interested in the conceptual art that Lostpedia has included in the article. I love concept art, especially for movies (I still have my Ralph McQuarrie packaged set of original Star Wars pre-production concept art!), and the art for this game is very well done. I had no idea that concept art was done for computer games, but I guess it makes sense. Here are some of the art shots posted by Lostpedia:

This location is intriguing, a Swan Station store-room perhaps?

The obligatory spooky Black Rock shot, natch!

A tranquil beach camp scene.

Is anyone in the Lost Community going to purchase the game? In what format? I don't think that I have ever purchased a computer game in my life. Maybe it's time to start.

Monday, January 14, 2008

"Speaking Of Islands..."

The Find815 game has encouraged some extra credit assignments for us, when it comes to studying up on mysterious geography. Information uncovered by Lost fans has turned up some great educational sites on islands, atolls, and various undersea geological formations. It all brings to mind a particularly strange island, that's always been one of my favorites (because I'm a big Thor Heyerdahl and Tiki statue fan) -- Rapa Nui, or Easter Island.

It's thought that Rapa Nui was fully vegetated at one time and able to support its varied living creatures, just like LOST island. But intense deforestation and the eventual erosion from it scarred the island. All that was left standing tall on the island after that were the many monolithic Moai statues. There are a few general theories as to how that came about. The complete downfall of the island is grisly, including suspected cannibalism when the island environment could not sustain food production for inhabitants any longer. But that doesn't detract from the draw of the mysterious statues, structures, and petroglyphs that lure tourists there regularly.

So this leads to what I'm wondering about LOST island. Will the worst case scenario for our island, if the New Hostiles have their way, be similar to that of Rapa Nui? Ben claims that total destruction is on its way. If the show stayed on the air for 10 seasons, would we get to see cannibalism there too? Ben obviously knows something about what their evil intentions for the island are, according to the shreds of info that he yelled at Jack (i.e., LOST viewers) in the S3 finale. Aside from upsetting Jacob's personal island paradise, will they end up completely stripping our island of all its resources in addition to exploiting the natural powers there? Or after the initial abuse (if the world isn't sucked into a black hole by then), the island might be run over with the inevitable tourist trade, full of people that want to obtain magical healing, visit the Jacobland Amusement Park, and get thrills on the anti-gravitational or wormhole rides! Hey, that sounds pretty good, maybe I do want the freighter guys to win!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"Commander Kelvin, Cadet Desmond, And The History Eraser Button"

I'm not feeling very "Lostsophical" this week, nor am I thinking too much about the mysteries. Either it's the bug I've got, or TLE-2 is keeping my mind occupied. So here is what I was thinking about today...not very funny, but maybe there are some Ren and Stimpy fans out there in Lostville.