Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Some Freckage Speculation"

Would that be "freckulation"? :-)
I've been wondering about our blog talks on the 2004 tsunami figuring into the show. Didn't TPTB hint about that date being of significance, leading us to think that they might fit it into the story somehow? In what way could they do that since the island that "we" are on is supposed to be near Fiji, and only the fake wreckage is near Bali somewhere? How could it matter to the show and the people on the island from that distance?

Aside from the theory that there is a wormhole from our Fiji island to the Bali freckage area (an idea that I really like BTW, but doubt will happen) which would show that the island is "connected" to that part of the world, I was thinking how else it might be germane to the story. As much as I dislike second-guessing TPTB about what's going to happen, I came up with one idea for them to use, haha. When the earthquake occurs, it could shake loose the freckage breaking it apart, and many of those unfortunate stolen decomposing bodies from Thailand would come bobbing up to the surface with some of the plane parts, and be found. If the corpses are ID'd as being fakes, the lie about the wreckage would be exposed, and the persons who propagated it would be as well.

Of course, I don't think that TPTB will tell the story this way, because it doesn't fit into the flash-forward scenes that we've seen about the future. If the time of the tsunami event has passed on the island already, it could still be shown in a flash-back (or flash-sideways?), but I don't think it will happen. Still it would be nice if the saying "the truth will out" would come into play with the story about the freckage somehow, causing the grave robbers and perpetrators to get exposed, with an ensuing tidal wave of justice rolling over the ghouls who disinterred those poor souls!


M The Alien said...

That'd be an awesome beginning of an episode, watching the wave tear through the ocean headed for the coast, but instead of following the wave the camera does a 180 and follows the wake out into the ocean, then we start to see bodies breaking the surface.

Capcom said...
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Capcom said...

That would be a great scene to open with, good idea! With lots of cool sound effects too, with the rumbling of the quake, then the groaning of metal ripping apart, and then the blubbling whoosh of the pieces and the bodies breaking the surface. OK, I just grossed myself out at that last part. :-p

And I just read yesterday, I think in the latest Michael Emerson interview, that there might be a flash-sideways, what a cooincidence. :-D

M The Alien said...

Awesome, i've really been hoping for something like side-flashes. One thing i'd like to know is what was happenning on the island the day before and the day of the communications equipment on the freighter being destroyed.

Capcom said...

Good points.

And I was trying to think of how a sort of flash-sideways could be done (if M.E. wasn't just kidding about that) and thought that it would be funny if they did a split-screen like they do in movies. :-D But I don't think that would work for regular TVs. Widescreen HDTVs it would, but not the regular full screeners.