Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Start The New Year Voting For Lost"

On the back of the current issue of Lost magazine is an ad for the Total Sci-Fi Awards, which I don't believe I've ever heard of before. Nevertheless, here we can vote for Lost in any category that it applies in the awards (TV show, director, etc.). If nothing else, it's another way that we can thank TPTB of Lost for their amazing efforts in giving us quality TV entertainment and hiatus fun, giving them the recognition that they deserve. Perhaps in these types of awards we can honor their creativity in the ways that the Emmy committee refuses to, *ahem*. There are other categories and genres to vote for there as well, if you're so inclined. Voting ends on January 4th, so get your ballots in while you finish up the leftover holiday champagne with a sparkling mimosa. :-)

Vote here:

Happy New Year everyone, cheers and God bless! :-D

Monday, December 28, 2009

"Not To Nitpick But..."

The recent issue of Lost magazine contains a nice article on some of the sets and props of 1970s DI-ville, in which the items above are labeled as belonging to the DI. If I'm not mistaken, isn't this actually one of the tents that the Islanders were living in when Daniel found them in the woods? The two critters on the campfire spit rod show an error in the picture's caption, IMO.

Monday, December 21, 2009

"Merry Christmas"

Have a good Holiday Season and New Year friends. Best wishes and God's blessings to everyone, especially remembering and helping those who might be really lost in the world. Mele Kalikimaka!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Project Memento Mori"

During the wait for the poster #16 release over at LostARGs, we talked about creating a legend for the Memento Mori painting of "Mr. Black", in the fashion of the "Linder Gallery" painting that Thorsten,, have shared with us. So I numbered the objects (all of them, even MIB himself and his belt -- you never know, he might use it to strangle someone). Let me know if I missed anything. Just about the only things I didn't label were the table, wall, and the wooden looking form in the back shadow by the tapestry:

This might need to be labeled, I don't know. Could it be the door of the cabin? I raised the brightness and contrast to highlight it, but it just looks like a door or panel. Update~ thanks to all the help, here is how we've labeled the objects thus far:

1) Smokey
2) Charlie
3) Bird killed by Walt
4) White tennis shoe
5) Tapestry yarn/Locke's hatch cables
6) Jacob's tapestry
7) MIB
8) Hurley's paintbox
9) Toy airliner
10) Tree limb
11) Faraday
12) MacCutcheon Whisky
13) Gas mask
14) Four-toes
15) Coconuts
16) Cabin chair?
17) Hurley's drawing
18) Locke
19) Danielle
20) Wooden dolls
21) Mary statue
22) Eko's stick
23) Backgammon pieces
24) Compass
25) Sawyer's letter/Locke's Smokey or BDM sketch
26) Flies
27) Urchins
28) Papayas
29) Polar bear skull
30) Eko and Yemi photo
31) Swan timer/counter
32) Danielle's map
33) Knife -- that killed Jacob?
34) Dynamite
35) DI beer
36) Charlie's bag of heroin
37) Watership Down
38) Charlie's ring
39) MIB's belt/rope
40) Sand/Ash
41) Yemi's cross
42) Unknown cloth
43) Hurley's Lotto Ticket
44) Locke's note to Jack
45) Charlie's greatest hits list

Now that they are mostly all labeled it doesn't seem so mysterious, but it's good to know anyway, I suppose. Thanks for any help! The original can be seen here at the gallery blog for the Lost art project:

Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Happy Hanukkah Lost Friends"

Since all the ancient Eastern and Mediterranean religious symbols have been turning up on the island, I for one have been looking forward to the inclusion of some early Hebrew artifacts for us to study. I don't know much at all about Jewish history, but for what I learned in Sunday school in the Old Testament that always fascinated me. So I made up my own bit of artifact for the island, above. And in light of the recent reveal (show-canon or not, we don't know yet) of a new part of (or whole) tapestry included in the special DHARMA version of the Season 5 DVD, I looked for a tapestry of Jewish history for the season as well. It's not specifically for Hanukkah, but it looks very interesting.

Also found online was a nice piece of historical artifact from the Holy Land that would look good accompanying the other religious accouterments in the island temple area. Happy Hanukkah everyone. :-)