Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Keamy's Tattoos"

Should we pay any attention to Keamy's skin art?
Sherlock Homegirl on the job again for you! These might just be the actor's personal tattoos and therefore they mean nothing to the show, but mean the world to him personally. Lord knows, at this point in the series (mid-season 4, with precious few episodes left to answer the important mysteries) we don't need another episode about flaky (skanky) tattoo shamans. So, to TPTB...if these mean nothing, ignore our queries! At any rate, in case they do have a part in the tale, here are some options. The art on his right arm looks like Native American symbols, which are easy enough to check out online. Here are some possibilities that I came up with. The sites where I got them are just a couple of the many available:

I have not looked for a complete image of the left arm art yet. If anyone comes across one, let us know. I haven't found anything that could be a match, it looks like some kind of abstract human form but who knows, it could also be a barn swallow. :-)

UPDATE: 2costa over on the TLC blog found a great shot of the left arm art. By golly, it does look like a barn swallow! Still could be a stylized human graphic. 2costa also says that the actor had the bearclaw tattoo in another movie, so it could all be meaningless to this show. Whew!


Capcom said...

Of the similar choices, I'm thinking: sun, bearclaw, and double hummingbird.

Missy said...

Those are both Kevin Durand's actual tattoos.

Systeryster said...

Yes, these are Kevins own tattos, they mean : Perseverance, following your instinct, chasing your vision quest, not ever giving up on your dreams and remembering where you came from. Strength, happiness, and fighting for something you believe in.
So you are spot on with the information given above.