Friday, March 21, 2008

"The Island Made Me Do It 4.08"

What does it mean that the Island does or doesn't want people to do things?
And how does it manage to control people thousands of miles away? We've heard this many times up to now, but I don't think that we have ever heard it in such concrete, unambiguous conviction as we heard Tom say it in this episode. If TPTB are going to make the Island have a sentient consciousness, they are definitely headed for hard core Science Fiction territory -- a place where they said that they were not really going to go. Well, if they change their minds as they are writing the story, that's what creativity is all about. But the Island has had a personality since very early on, so it's been SciFi for a while now. S'OK with me. And the way Tom talked about the Island, made me visualize in my head some great giant evil eyeballs and smirk hovering over the Island. Which in turn, made me think of that original cover art for The Great Gatsby.

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