Monday, March 17, 2008

"Best Apology Ever 4.07"

"I brought dinner."
Jin really took to heart what Bernard said to him in the boat, and took even more from it than Bernard intended it to mean. That is to say, Bernard's character had no idea how deep his words really penetrated into Jin's heart and soul. Bernie meant it as a bonding moment to possibly help Jin feel better after the row with Sun that he happened to walk in on. But Jin knew how deep their problems went and applied Bernie's wise old words to his and Sun's entire history of emotional baggage. Maybe he was concerned about the Karma that Bernie mentioned, being passed on to his baby's fate and possible future complications? I think that Jin also deeply wanted to keep the fresh start that he and Sun had managed to find since they had worked things out on the island. He enjoyed the happiness that they had found, and he must have realized that it would serve no purpose to lose the peace and true love that they had finally attained together, for the sake of holding onto both of their past sins with the chains of grudges.

At any rate, TPTB wrote one of the most thoughtful and moving apologies and acts of forgiveness that I have ever seen on Prime Time TV in a long time. Not since gentle dad and husband Ward Cleaver, has there been a more mature act of accountability and mercy between a husband and his family shown on TV as far as I can remember (OK, there were some moments like that on The Brady Bunch). And in today's TV climate of characters blaming everyone else for their mistakes, it was pretty darn refreshing to see someone holding themselves accountable for their part in a broken relationship. This scene made me cry. It was a true moment of redemption for these island characters, and it was beautiful.


hatchling23 said...

I wonder if this is the scene Elizabeth Mitchell said made her cry when she read it.

It was a very touching moment and almost certainly cemented Jin as one of the good guys (also the only male on the island without father issues).

I think Jin remains behind when the O6 leave and is alive on the island in the future.

Capcom said...

That's right, I remember reading that about EM, now that you mention it.

I think, or rather hope, that Jin will stay behind as well, and not die. He definitely has the motivation and opportunity for a forthcoming sacrificial scenario, whether it be staying behind or giving his life.

Imperceptible Me said...

I cried like a baby when I watched this scene. Are there men like that out in the real world?

Capcom said...

Only after they spend a few months on a haunted island, maybe. :-) But my dad was like that, he was old school romantic.