Monday, March 17, 2008

"Creepiest Moment 4.07"

Man overboard!
No biggie, I guess. It was weird enough that she jumped, but the way that everyone on deck just watched it happen was particularly disturbing. As if they were zombies. Maybe that's a part of the "heightened case of cabin fever"? The Captain seemed to have it all analyzed logically, but the deckhands looked more strung out. I was sorry to see her go so soon, we didn't get to know her much. Hopefully the Doc or the Captain will be more forthcoming about her personality and malady before the season is out.


hatchling23 said...

I was really freaked when Lapidus came up on her in the hall and she was sitting there with the book upside down. What's up with that?

Does Regina win for the shortest time on screen for a guest starring role?

Capcom said...

For sure! :-D I hope that she comes back in a FB or something.

Yeah, the first creepy Regina scene was definitely their contact in the hall. I kind of expected her to be drooling.

Capcom said...

I have to add that if I was left to eating nothing but canned lima beans, I would have jumped off the ship too! :-p