Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Fate Vs. Probabilty - 5.07"

Leave it to Lost to make us wonder what kind of memory loss you'd have if you died and came back to life in a different place. Apparently you'd remember dying, but you'd have a heck of a time figuring out how you ended up on a beach in a strange suit that you didn't own. And you'd really love juicy tropical fruit. And speaking of the living dead, are we supposed to think that Christian came back to life too, and is not just an apparition? He did seem to take off his shoes as well.

** It was very satisfying to see so much of Widmore (especially at the FDW exit!) and to have him be so chatty. But why did he wait so long to help Locke? It seems like everyone in Locke's life likes to make him suffer first before they help him.

** Are we supposed to think that Widmore is confused about the time travel concerning when he first met Locke? He's lived on the island in the days before the DI, knows the FDW effects, and knows enough about the supposed portals or vortices to know about "exits", and yet he still thinks, "...that's incredible" that so little time as passed since he met Locke? Also, I'd like to know how Widmore and the islanders protected the island "peacefully" while they're killing US Army soldiers, etc.

** Oh, and the "Because you are" answer to Locke about why he's special was totally lame and I'm calling shenanigans on TPTB!

** It was so fantastic to see Abaddon too! Did he get to ask Locke for that favor he was owed? Alas, he's gone too soon.

** Why is it that whenever Locke gets foothold on his purpose or destiny, he always forgets his manners and etiquette and starts ordering people around?! Not very nice John, maybe that's why people are mean to you, because you are mean to them. Mr. Abaddon was just trying to do his job.

** Since Sayid said that he was manipulated by Ben, does that mean that he thinks/knows that Ben killed Nadya?

** I have no idea why Ben saved Locke just to kill him, or why he went berserk when Locke mentioned Mrs.Hawking. And really John, is that rathole the best room that you could get with the money that Widmore gave you? :-o

** Oh Kate, you incredible pompous ass. "Haha, charade you are!" Look at how far you've come, you still think that you're better than everyone else and can presume to know everything about people that you have no interest in whatsoever. The evil eye to you Kate. Or better yet, I'll give you the treatment that a certain celebutard blogger gives his photos.

** Is Helen really dead? Probably, but I don't know what to believe on this show anymore. I really did like what Abaddon said at the grave site though. I've always been confused about destiny, predestination, what's meant to be, etc.

** Like Jay said at his blog, that was some amazing Jack-face (about 100 of 'em in a row!) when he and Locke were talking about his father. Yes Jack, it's highly probable that you will outdo Lon Chaney, Man Of A Thousand Faces, when you are upset!

** What was the drawing of the Imaginary Space and Time doing in the Hydra? Is it Dan's or did he copy that page into his notebook? Wow.

** Was that red hair in the preview?????? :-o

** Good bye Mr. Abaddon, you seemed like a very cool guy. Hope that we see you in another life, or time, soon.


lost2010 said...

And I thought I was being too hard on Kate. . . poor Evangeline Lilly. . .she really seems like a nice person. . .it's just the character she plays that's annoying. :)

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

What used to, at times, be simply bearable, for me--I have never much liked any Kate-centric episode--has really spiraled into annoyance and contrivance. As the character of Kate was initially written, I don't see how she'd be written be any different right now, though I was tired of the "MY son" crap the moment it left her mouth the first time. Yet, I believe all of this leads to Ajira, and the new mystery of why Kate left HER son to go back and who she left him with (Mrs. Littleton? Cassidy?). That said, once the above question is answered, I'll go back to not paying attention whenever Kate talks.

On the opposite side, Locke and Desmond always have the best-centric episodes, because of the layers. Kate might as well be living on Wisteria Lane. I thought the scene of Abaddon falling from the trunk of Locke's car as he sped off, all dead weight, was nicely filmed, whether it was a stunt man or a dummy.

I think Helen must be dead, if only because in the time that Locke as Benthem was back in LA, I would assume he wasn't letting Abaddon do EVERYTHING, and he would have done some checking of his own. If she were alive and, say, moved somewhere else, Locke would've found out. Maybe Abaddon knew this, and a fake tombstone would be the only way to get Locke to NOT look, maybe not check the anger mgmt groups, etc.

Re: Widmore, could it have been more of a shock that only four days had passed? Like, somehow, if a year had passed, then maybe it would have made more sense? I dunno.

I am curious about Faraday's notes in the Hydra. If only because, unless someone else had those notes, Faraday at some point was at the Hydra! How cool is that?! And I didn't get it fully until the second viewing, but the two new people really have no clue what's what. I like that, actually. Even though when the guy was behind Jack at the airport, it seemed like he knew more.

Capcom said...

LOL Lost2010, but her attitude really got to me this week. It also hits a little too close to home with me concerning a problem that I have with someone in my family who talks to me the way Kate talked to Locke. I admit, I've got issues. X-D

Right Wayne, the "my son" thing was a little to abrupt to get used to so fast. Heheh, Wisteria Lane!

I guess that could be a reason why Wid was surprised. Perhaps he knew of the FDW and the bounce from the island that goes with it, but if he never went back I guess that he might not know about how the wheel being off-axis could cause time skipping, even if he did keep close tabs on the isalnd since he left. There may very well be a few things that he doesn't know about his island.

You're right, it does look like the New Guys don't know much about where they are. But for some reason, Ceasar is very savvy about "situational awareness" in his new environs and didn't lose any time at all in scoping things out. Something's gotta be up with that guy.

Yes, I think that either way Dan could have been there, to leave his notes, or to copy what he saw into his notebook. It's all good with Faraday for me! :-)

lost2010 said...

I usually try not to pay attention when Locke and Desmond talk. It's been a rough season for me. LOL

M The Alien said...

Hey Capcom and hey Wayne! I'm so sorry that I haven't been around much for the past 6 - 7 months, I really miss talking to you guys! Things have been really crazy for me but to sum it up, I got my memory back, and it's ben insanely busy at my job so I can't spend my days trying to figure out Lost, but things are starting to slow down for me so hopefully i'll be able to chat it up more! I can't wait to hear what you guys think of this season! See ya soon!

Capcom said...

Hi Alien!!!!! So glad that you stopped by to say hi and let us know how you are doing!

Also glad that you are getting better. Some day you'll have to tell us what happened if you want to. But the important thing is that you're doing OK now. Well, we will have lots of time to catch up during the next long hiatus, if not before.

Take care and try not to work too hard! :-)