Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Deja Vu All Over Again - 5.06"

This was an excruciating week for me in many ways, so I haven't got much of a response to this episode. I had to watch it three times before things finally began to sink in, and I haven't even had the interest to read other recaps yet. What struck me at first viewing though, was how last week's ending was repeated in part of this week's beginning. And this week's opening scene was repeated at the end of this episode. Hmm. Are we supposed to take something from that? Dual worlds? Multiple universes? I dunno.

** Interesting development, this off-island DI station called the Lamp Post. I half expected Ms.Hawking to plug in a DI orientation video! Did the Hostiles take over all the global DI stations?

** The spiral staircase that they descended brought to mind the famous mysterious staircase at Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe. I know, sometimes a staircase is just a staircase. But it's a great story full of mystic and religious symbolism, and a mysterious piece of handiwork.

** Of course it was great to see more of the calculation room and the pendulum. Who watching didn't think that Des was either going to get clocked by the pendulum, or kick it? I hope that we find out how it works to set up the coordinates on the flipping wall chart.

** So, L.A. has an abnormal energy pocket as well? Who knew? That must be why Hollywood is so crazy. There is one off the CA coast according to the Vortices theory maps. And who could this "clever fellow" be? Alvar? Daniel? And does Dan's chalkboard match up at all with Mrs.H's? It's worth checking out. And what did she mean by "all the coordinates"? Maybe it's all the flights that go near the entire circumference of the energy area around the island. And what does it mean that the results will be unpredictable if they all don't go back, that they won't land in the correct time? Or someone will die? More "bad things", I guess.

** Interesting that Des gave Jack almost the same instructions about Mrs.H, as Sayid gave to Hurley about Ben.

** I wonder if Locke had to kill himself off-island because both Lockes could not be on the island at the same time. Maybe he just had to play dead-man-flying in lieu of CS. But when Jack was putting the shoes on Locke, it made me think that it was like Dorothy putting the ruby slippers back on the dead witch's feet, and I half expected Locke's feet to shrivel up like hers did! :o)

** Scoutpost on TLC had a good thought about the Thomas story that Ben told: "Perhaps that was the purpose of Ben's "Doubting Thomas" speech in the church. Maybe Jack will encounter a resurrected/reincarnated Locke and have to believe even though it doesn't make scientific sense." Sounds good. It's also interesting that the Bible verse about Thomas being faithful and protective of Jesus comes from within the story of the raising of Lazarus. Hmm. (John, ch.11)

** Jack's grandfather encounter went over my head, if there was anything there to be gleaned from that whole scenario. The only thing that made me sit up was the freaky bunny with the Richard Alpert eyes!

** I'm not even going to talk about Kate and how she acted. :-p

** It's great that Frankie was the pilot, and how fun was that to hear his voice first before seeing him?!

** Finally, I hope that Sawyer has learned his lesson and totally ignores Kate when they are reunited. Now that she's not "together" with Jack, guess who she's going to go run to? Dangitt, I didn't want to talk about her!


Cool_Freeze said...

Hello Capcom!

Capcom said...

CF! Wow! Where and how have you been? We missed you, for sure, and it's great to "see" ya. Have you been watching? :-D

pgtbeauregard said...

Hi Capcom,

I'm with you on the Kate thing (and I'm so tired of it too).

Loved having Frank on the plane, worried about who Ben was with , and who bloodied him.

Capcom said...

Hi PGT! Are you going to start posting again on your blog this season?

lost2010 said...

Nice point about the hostiles taking over all Dharma stations worldwide!! I hadn't thought of that.

I find that Ben has become a more interesting character than any of the losties at this point because he never seems to encounter a single solitary soul who has worked with him in the past that trusts him and yet, they all work with him anyway - -what's up with that? Richard doesn't seem to trust him, Juliet doesn't, Locke shouldn't, Sayid doesn't, Widmore doesn't and Mrs. Hawking doesn't seem to really trust him either. . .how does Ben stay alive when it seems that every faction in the entire thing is against him?

Capcom said...

Haha, you've got a great point there about Ben! There must be something about him that keeps everyone keeping him around. Some kind of singular usefulness perhaps? Otherwise like you said, why wouldn't he just get brushed aside?

I would have just assumed that the remnants of the DI (or Mittlewerk?)was still maybe at the off-island stations, until we saw the Others at the butcher shop, Mrs.H at the church/Lamp Post, the lawyer, etc. Then it began to look as if they had infiltrated the whole dang DI operation.

lost2010 said...

Do you suppose then that the purge wasn't the first step but maybe the last? They'd already taken over all the off-island operations and then some Other from off-island sent in the order to execute the purge and get rid of the last remnants of the true DI?

Capcom said...

Oh wow, that sounds interesting! I guess that they would have to temporarily isolate communications between the off-island posts and the island so that they wouldn't lose the element of surprise. But that might not be too difficult while the island is busy popping in and out of the material world. Great idea!