Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Introducing, James - 5.08"

How do you know that you spend too much time thinking about Lost? Well for one, you have a dream that TPTB have chosen some fans to be in the show and you are one of them. You are given the script the night before shooting and are expected to have your lines memorized by the next day. Some of your scenes will be in the water, and you are just glad that you don't have to wear a bathing suit, but some of your clothes will be burned in another scene with a fire. All of a sudden "reality" turns into fantasy and while you are doing scenes with Jeremy Davies, time starts skipping all over the place. You find his mother, who happens to be Nina from Fringe(!). You escape out of a window while being chased by a train, and then all kinds of other weird things happen that are just too goofy. Then you wake up and want to go back to sleep to finish the dream! :-o

So obviously, I really enjoyed this episode! First, I was so blown away by how Sawyer has totally evolved into a person who has done a 180' turn in his life, and most importantly doesn't hate himself anymore. His transformation is fascinating to me, because I've always believed that a person can improve or change if they only want to. And Sawyer the bad-ass, has turned into James the fine upstanding citizen because he wanted to, while still retaining his sense of humor and fun (life doesn't have to be boring just because he's nice now!). The only question is, will he be strong enough to maintain his shiny new self after Katherina the Shrew (thank you Shakespeare) gets her claws into him again?

The other subject of note in this episode was the few seconds worth of the island's giant statue during one of the flashes. I won't delve into that here, as talk of Egyptian deities has been burning up the Lost blogs since Wednesday night. But I have to say that all this brings to mind the research of Thor Heyerdahl, the Norwegian ethnologist and adventurer who sailed the Atlantic in a papyrus boat (two if you count the first try that wasn't successful) to see if it would have been at all possible for Egyptians to sail to the New World from Morocco, with their limited technology. He and his crew proved that it was.

And wouldn't you know, Morocco just happens to be very near one of the Vile Vortices of Africa that we suspect might be involved in the travel from Tunisia to the island, and vice versa. Could that be how Egyptians, of all peoples, managed to make it to our island? Did one of their boats run into an unfortunate vortex that swept them through a cosmic corridor to a moving island? I've had a long-time crush on Thor (and oddly, he died on the same day my dad died) and I will be very excited if TPTB have chosen to include his amazing work in the plethora of world history that they have woven into the show. He is from Norway after all, just like Hanso.

One thing that I will mention about Old Four Toes is that the peeps at DarkUFO seem to have found the most similar deity (Taweret) that actually has a cake on its head like Four Toes does! I have to admit, when I was looking through the list of Egyptian gods, I skipped over the ones with alligator heads and did not see this one. As a former technician in a research lab, I should have known better than to pass over any possible data!


Ellen said...

wow! great favorite dream is just going to Hawaii and watching them shoot Lost. About the end of Season 1, I dreamed about being in a Dharma suit in a station. I remember working on the computer and giving someone verbal reports on status or some such thing. (How boring, huh?!*grin*)

I saw the pic of that statue at Dark's website. That was a good find. Wonder if that's what the attack of the flaming arrows on the beach was based on...hmmm.

maven said...

Capcom: Don't ever say you're too obsessed with this show! That's not a bad thing! LOL

Love you bringing Thor into the possibility of the Egyptian influence on the island! That makes so much sense. Between the statue, Richard's Kohl eyeliner, the ankh, and the various hieroglyphics we gotten enough hints. This would explain how some ancient Egyptians might have made it to the South Pacific.

Keep dreaming!

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Hey, Capcom!

@Ellen, I don't dream about going to Hawaii, just someplace warmer. :)

Good call on Thor Heyerdahl, too. We've pretty much been thinking Egyptian since the first symbols showed up on the Swan clock. What's funny is that Thor's book on that journey came out (at least one printing did) in 1974, I read it the same summer I read LIMBO OF THE LOST, and that's the book that uses the name "vile vortices" and maps them out. Deju vu, I can visualize the long-gone book store I'd shop at.

And, Capcom, you've touched on something I missed for quite awhile, Sawyer doesn't hate himself anymore. There were scenes in last week's episode, I thought, hmnn, he shaved, or, hmnn, he cut his hair a bit. I'm hoping this weighs the scales in his favor for NOT going back to Kate. That is, will he see how his three years have gone compared to Kate's? Being LOST, I doubt anyone BUT Kate would be telling Sawyer that she's been bordering on insane (you know, Jack won't, Hurley might not even know much about that). Frankly, I think the viewers know more about Kate than Kate does. Here's hoping she ends up hooking up with Pierre Chang, they deserve each other.

I try not to think too much about her character, really, except for situations like this, the two of them seeing each other after three years. In the last two seasons, we've seen Kate off-Island be pretty much Kate on-Island, makes me wonder if that episode "What Kate Did" should have been titled "Kate Does Whatever The Hell She Wants."

But, yea, thanks for pointing that out. Sawyer is happy because he doesn't hate himself.

Capcom said...

LOL, everyone! Funny dreams too. :-)

I'm sure that TPTB won't mention Thor or his theories, accept for perhaps the method of how the Egyptians got to the island, e.g., if they were crossing the Tunisia area at the vortex to get to the Atlantic and got caught by the island. Oh who am I kidding, TPTB won't tell us how they got there at all, they'll just show that they were there and we'll have to figure that out for ourselves! :-p

That's one thing that has bothered me about, or rather made me feel some sypmpathy for, Sawyer's lot in life Wayne...the fact that he became what he became, but he didn't seem to want to be that way and hated himself for it. TPTB kind of showed that in his flashbacks, and then on the island he couldn't let his guard down and be nice, because he seemed to hate himself for what he had become and all, and couldn't let go go of that person. At least that's what it seemed like to me in my personal Saywer psycho-analysis, heheh. And now that he's doing good things for people, he seems comfortable with himself for the first time probably since he was a kid.

That's freaky about your reading the book, the vortices, etc., Wayne! Just all a part of this weird thing called Lost that we've gotten ourselves into! :-D I'd like to find the 1970s film version of "Ra", but it's old and there are no DVDs of it, at least that aren't in Norwegian. I think that it was at the theater back then.

Thanks for all your great input friends!

lost2010 said...

Great post! I didn't catch the fundamental difference, but him not hating himself anymore does seem to be true. The official Lost podcast interview with Josh Holloway is very good too, if you haven't caught it yet.

Your dream is much better than the one I had once upon a time. . .in mine, my daughter (now 10 but in the dream all grown up) and I are at this museum and we're looking at exhibits about the early 2000's. And there's this big exhibit on LOST and she pulls at my arm and leads me in there because she's laughing about how much I liked that show. And we get in there and they have. . .wait for it. . .

The actual animatron who played Jack. LOL

And in the dream, somehow I've forgotten how it ended and we walk up to the animatron and punch a button and Jack-bot is about to remind us how Lost ended. . .and he's talking along and just as he gets to the part about what the island was. . . he starts winding down like an old clock.

And me and my daughter just crack up completely in the dream.

Yeah, I'm even wierd in my dreams.

Capcom said...

LOL!! :-D

Synchromystic Librarian said...

GREAT DREAM! i'm missing fringe can't wait until it comes back

synchromystic librarian

Capcom said...

Hey Mystic! :-D

I know me too, I'm looking forward to the next episode! But the break is giving me a chance to watch The Mentalist that's in the same timeslot, which I really like. I totally want to be a mentalist now, I wonder if the Amazing Kreskin has an online college?!