Friday, February 29, 2008

"Footnotes For the Future 4.05"

Dan's notes on Imaginary Time and Space.
Are Dan's scribbled circles like the blue oval areas on the Minkowski graphic below?

Minkowski's theory on Imaginary Time and Space illustrated.
I don't have a clue. But you never know, this all might come in handy later. ;-)


Bigmouth said...

Great find! I suspect the reference to imaginary time refers to how the Island is hidden in the fourth dimension. The popular analogy would be the Langoliers and Flatland, as we discussed after The Economist. That's probably why becoming unstuck in time can result from traveling to and from the Island.

Hey, is that why the Others sedate new recruits like Juliet?

Capcom said...

Tx Big! :-) I like your ideas about the 4th dimension. And being sedating during the crossover would fall into line with the Langoliers too. Who knows, everyone on a sub might need to get knocked out, but they would be used to the drill as seasoned off/on-island travelers. Only noobs like Juliet would have to be lied to about it.

Jay said...

Wow! That's really, really cool, Capcom! =)

Nice Nausicaa logo too!

Capcom said...

Tx Jay. :-) Nausicaa's awesome! Or, I should say, Miyazaki's awesome.