Thursday, February 5, 2009

"What's Done Is Done - 5.04"

What a fun episode! Sawyer is just really working out to be an incredible character this season since TPTB have put him in the forefront of the adventures of the LB-6 (that is, the LBs without Rose and the rest). He's more trusting with people (especially with Juliet), not afraid of facing his feelings, and very different from the "new sheriff in town" attitude that he had before his life altering experiences on the island. And just when he opens his heart to someone, Kate has to rip it out. I hope that he gets close to Juliet by the time Kate comes back, and therefore won't care about her anymore when she does. Juliet's calming effect on Sawyer will hopefully lead towards that happening. Having said that:

** Here's how I would have written this line for Kate; "I've always been with you...ahem, except when I was with Sawyer." Boo, Kate, boooooo. We know better and so does Jack.
** Very interesting that TPTB have Kate coming up with the idea to lie for Aaron's sake.
** Heheh, Sun gets a "candygram" without the landshark! Who sent her the info and the chocolate handgun, I wonder?
** Again, how is it that Dan doesn't know how to explain what's going on with the mega-jet-lag? Is he having some memory problems again?
** It's a good trick that Ben is pulling to harass the O-6 into fleeing The World and go back to the island. A bad trick by TPTB for letting us think that it was Mrs. Littleton that was harassing Kate for a minute. :-p
** Would the zodiak really still be on the beach when they got there? I wouldn't think so.
** Hurley looks too cute in the orange jumpsuit.
** The Swan lightbeam, neat-o!! But why would Locke be afraid of going there, because he didn't want to risk seeing himself? Desmond could have just had the back porch light on.
** Yes, Jack "needed a change", from the crusty smelly loser junky look he was sporting there for a while.
** Does Miles not remember being on the island before (assuming that he was) because of the mega-jet-lag? Or for other mysteriously complicated reasons of his past.
** I like how quickly the LB-6 has come together to work as a team, at least in this episode. Nothing like getting shot at in a canoe to get the teamwork going!
** "I can fix this, Kate." RUNNNNN KATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
** Wow, it's soooo sweet to finally get some French connection time with the B612 (Besixdouze) and hopefully we'll get to spend some time with them and Jin (hoo-yeah!) next week. BTW, the look on Jin's face was great.
** I suppose that we are all wondering if Jin is time-skipping with the LBs. And if he is, that is really going to freak out the B612ers...and him.
** No Sun. Just no. Give up on the vengeance, it will come to no good. Maybe Sayid will roundhouse kick the gun out of her hands before she can kill anyone. Well, if Ben gets shot and killed, won't that put a crimp in the plans! :-o


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I know they need the Jack/Kate/Sawyer dynamic for certain audiences, and I know certain audiences like the time travel. But, seriously, in real life? If I knew someone like Kate in even the slightest way, it'd be more like WAYNE, RUNNN, lol.

I think several scenes were symbolic, in answer to your Hatch porchlight thing. Since the episode is either Kate- or Aaron-centric, it seemed logical to show Claire giving birth. Plus, this was the same night that Locke banged on the hatch for a sign. Even though Sawyer didn't tell Locke what he saw, its more a replay of those two parallel events. (So yea, Locke needn't have been sure he'd see himself, it was more just the scene itself was needed). What was telling was that Sawyer DID listen to Farady by not trying to change things. Lots of subtleties in this episode.

Capcom said...

LOL about Kate!

Very good point about the necessity of that scene too, Wayne. And it was also interesting, now that you've made me re-think it, that they re-showed the scene with Kate helping Claire give birth to the baby that she would ultimately end up with.

I agree with you too, that Sawyer not approaching Kate was more about what Dan told him, rather than what Locke said, as some people think.

Yes, a lot of subtleties this week. :-o

BTW, nice avi you're using right now. :-D

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Is an avi the photo, like avatar or whatever? I was going to use a different photo, then this one came up by mistake, funny thing was, I had forgotten I even had this, its a discarded photo, another was used on the back of my book.

I'm pretty much just trying to concentrate on the Islanders more than the LA'ers. I'm thinking, what IF, really, what IF, Locke in January 2005 (say the time jump is to the present) then meets John Locke from a FUTURE time jump? Can such a thing work? Like a rapid fire time jump so there can be a momentary sighting? So, yeah, he didn't want to approach himself at the hatch the night Aaron was born, but, also, what if ANY of them (well, maybe not Faraday and friends) bumped into themselves by accident. Like Sawyer calling to Locke only its Locke from S2? Welcome to time travel Crazy Town, right?

Capcom said...

Hooyeah, you've got some good thoughts there. And it never occured to me (I'm slow) that maybe one of the two Lockes dies because they met up in the Time Tunnel. Hmmm. Ships that pass in the night...and then go POOF!

Yes avi is the ID pic/avatar, and you look kind of "professorly" in that photo. It's a great shot of you, don't discard it!

pgtbeauregard said...


I used to be such a Jater. Now, I want Sawyer and Kate to be together, and be Adam and Eve.

I don't care who Jack ends up with.

Good post, I wondered why tptb showed us the birthing scene again. Also, the name on Ben's van is an anagram for reincarnation. Interesting.

Capcom said...

Tx PGT! I don't want anyone that I like to end up dead in the cave! But I supposed that it will have to be at least one person that I'm fond of.

80sPro said...

Oooh, I just realized reading your posts here that the rustling leaves and the feeling that people were "running by" could be the "Lefties" running around in their various time-trips.

I am really in to the idea of going back to a place where the choice is in their hands and they choose a different path. Who among us has not wanted to do that at some time or other?

Capcom said...

Well, I've got all my hands and feet raised to that 80sPro! :-D

Yes, that would be great if the LBs were some of who was making all the rustling, etc.!

pgtbeauregard said...

Not that I want Kate and Sawyer to die, it would be nice if they were together forever!! (I know, kind of sappy).

I love the idea of the whispers being the time travelers. Why are most of them backwards?

Capcom said...

IMO, because TPTB are being purposesly annoying about that. :o)

80sPro said...

maybe some of them are backwards because the messages are coming just as the time is about to shift again.

That "swooooop" we hear sounds like a rapid rewind. Maybe?

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Capcom will remind everyone how this new-fangled world of technology is, and I wanted to think that the whispers being backwards were just another way to allow only a few people to "get it," that is, whatever what was being said, clues or not. But now I do believe that the whispers are what are in the grooves of the record that Faraday has said is skipping. Those that play backward, possibly, are meant to tell us about the fwd/backward themes we are seeing now. But if we get to the last episode and find out that Vincent is a talking dog who can throw his voice, well, I'm not going to like that...

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

My bad, I meant Capcom would remind everyone of my DISLIKE re: certain aspects of LOST...and I really do say it in jest, for the most part. Carry on.

80sPro said...

c'mon Wayne!!!

You mean to say that if Vince starts telling all the peeps the secrets of the Island and where Jacob's cabin is, and what happened to Claire, and all the rest of it (like my question is how Alpert stays ageless!!) that you would balk at that?

Where's your suspension of belief?

(I am killing myself laughing at this point!!! Please note I can be a sarcastic one at times!)

Capcom said...

LOL, you guys quack me up. :-D

Wow, that's an interesting thought about the backwards whispers being someone moving in time in the reverse. :-o I'd rather it be that, then just a type of obfuscation to place a puzzle within the story for those viewers who like to look for that kind of thing. :-p