Thursday, September 3, 2009

"My Jacob Fantasy"

Before we finally learned who Jacob was, in my imagination I pictured him to be someone much like Captain Nemo. They do have similar personalities as far as we knew up to Season 5: reclusive, disliking the modern world, judgemental, with a peculiar wisdom of sorts that inspired devoted followers. Of course it would be totally unoriginal if TPTB did this, and I would not expect them too. I just enjoyed combining two of my favorite old fantasy movies ("20,000 Leagues Under The Sea", and "Mysterious Island") with the similar Lost story in my mind for a while.

And now we know that Jacob is actually two people! Well not really, but we got two for the price of one when Jacob was finally revealed, which added all kinds of confusion into the mix as far as who is telling whom to do what and for why, on the island. How about that, we were so intently trying to figure out who Jacob could be, and then they threw the Bad Twin at us too (sorry couldn't resist the reference). I pretty much dare TPTB to unwind this thing to my satisfaction by the end of Season 6, but I will bow to their artistic genius when they do.


memphish said...

Good call on Jacob/Nemesis being Nemo like in Mysterious Island. I have to say that I kind of hated that explanation for the mysteriousness of the Island, not because there was someone there, but because it was a character that existed in Verne's universe prior to that book. I've greatly feared that a Rimbaldi artifact (from JJ Abrams' Alias) might show up on the LOST Island. That's also one of my huge criticisms of the first authorized Gone With the Wind sequel. That author injects one of her pre-existent characters into the GWTW world.

Nevertheless I do feel that Nemesis has acted as a sort of negative version of Nemo on Mysterious Island. Instead of pulling his Deus Ex Machina actions to aid the survivors, he's using it to drive the fighting, corruption and destruction. I still can't decide if I think Jacob has been in fact acting on the Island. We haven't seen it if he has. I can't decide if the lists Ben was receiving were from Jacob or Nemesis. That's one of the great mysteries I assume we'll get to resolve this year.

Greg Tramel said...

i've always thought of Jacob as a religious guru and i still kinda see him that way but yes, didn't foresee his Nemesis coming by a mile and TPTB have some spalinin to do and hope they can pull it off because i do have my doubts

Capcom said...

Hi Memphish! As a kid I loved seeing Nemo show up again, when I saw "Mysterious Island" on TV after we had seen "20,000 Leagues" at the drive-in. But I was disappointed that it wasn't James Mason again. And as Wayne knows, I usually read the book after seeing the movie, heheh.

I am very confused about who they've really been following as well, but I guess that we are supposed to be, sigh. But I agree, it seems that they have been working at crossed purposes as far as aiding or disrupting the "progress" and things seem to have gotten a bit mucked up for the positive side, whoever that may be. That is, it seems like there might be a lot less killing going on, if the good side was gaining ground. The island might turn out to be a microcosm of the universe representing the quest for good vs evil, or progress vs destruction, and has been failing in a "one step forward and two steps back" sort of way all along.

Since I didn't follow Alias, I don't know who the Rimbaldi guy is. Would it help to know if I looked it up?

Capcom said...

Oops! Crossed blogs!

I do too Greg. I thought that Memphish was going to say "pulling his Deus Ex Machina" out of his butt, although I'm wondering how TPTB are going to do exactly that in S6. :-o

Good point about the guru, especially after giving us the name Richard Alpert.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Hey, everyone. As I mentioned over at EMS, I'm agreeing with memphish completely on MIB (or Nemesis or Bad Twin) existing only to corrupt everything that Jacob tries to create.

And yep, Capcom, re: films/books, but I think the book readers are in a losing race. Look over at EMS and see how many people actually mentioned they'd read the Beaumont story as opposed to being giddy about the TZ link, ha ha.

Capcom said...

I totally believe that too about MIB.

I could be wrong, but I don't think that book reading is in as much of a downward turn as you think Wayne, all the bookstores in my town -- and also my former town of Poughkeepsie -- are always busy and lines are long, filled with book buyers. It probably goes in waves.

And most of the poeple at Big's are probably too young to know about Beaumont's literary works. Kids today. :o) Case in point, once I was in the Poughkeepsie BandN in the SF section, and one of the young "kids" working there said that he would like to start reading SF and asked me where he should begin. I told him to start with the classic authors and he asked me which ones those were. (!!) So I showed him the important ones, being sure to make note of which ones wrote for Star Trek, TZ, and other classic movies, etc., to pique his interest in the oldies. But he was just too young to know on his own.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Age has a lot to do with it, but it really is grim, the way the publishers are choosing what to print. There is a cut in quantity across the line. Hard Crime books used to do four novels a month, now they are down to one. Maybe if every new book had an added texting feature, ha ha. It DOES come in waves, I agree, but its a tougher market now.

Capcom said...

You're right, and that section of the bookstore is small compared to other sections.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Your new (?) photo on the left of Locke's graveyard suit is familiar. On my business card, the one where I'm by the '64 Dodge Dart, I'm wearing a dead man's clothes. Back on the farm, my step-granddad Frank had a brother Marvin who was kicked by a horse as a kid. I always talked to him the most (of any visitors) and so when he died, he left me what he had. Which consisted of one suit, his wallet with some kind of seniors ID in it, and his eyeglasses. Not shirt, just the suit & tie. And shoes.

Capcom said...

Very interesting, wow.

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