Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Second Lost Poster"

The second installment of Lost posters to buy suckered me in and I bought one. I'm number #105, dang so close. :-)

This poster is very reminiscent of the movie poster for "Vertigo", but with the wheelchair it fits better with "Rear Window", that had James Stewart in a lower body cast the entire movie. He played an intrepid globe-trotting photo journalist, and no one told his character what to do in that movie either!

This poster also has some personal meaning for me, since I've been spending the past few years recovering from aggressive chemo and radiation therapy which rendered me physically handicapped in many ways. So I have to keep telling myself that my limitations can't tell me what to do, although I often must succumb to them. I'll just keep this poster handy for inspiration!


pgtbeauregard said...

great comparison!!

Love your image of the day. Looking forward to some Boonage soon.

Capcom said...

Me too, even if it's just an FB! Rumor has it....heehee.


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Which was the first poster, Capcom?

Capcom said...

The first poster was a montage of Hurley and images of all that he's been through. Very good idea, but the motif was a little too harsh or garish for my personal taste though, and of course I'd go for the retro look with the faux vintage movie poster. The Hurley poster was very well done, but just not to my liking, so I didn't post it since I didn't purchase it. You can see it here:

What do you think?

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I agree, Capcom. Too much going on. I wonder if they have a prearranged list or if the Hurley poster was meant to be out first.

Capcom said...

I'll bet that they do have the art schedule engineered, especially since they coexist with the release of the specific clues on when they appear and what sites to go to. I'd be surprised if the picture order was random, but anything's poss.

I really hope that they have a Daniel poster, even more than a Des one, but since it's so close to Christmas one poster is probably the limit for me. I'm not normally a compulsive shopper and almost always compare choices before buying things, so this kneejerk purchase was out of the ordinary for me. But I'm sure that I'll be very happy with this one -- due to the meaning for me as I mentioned in the post and because it's one of my all time favorite retro styles of art. This one is an homage to Saul Bass, he did some of the most memorable modern movie posters such as "The Man With The Golden Arm" and "Exodus" and the aforementioned "Vertigo". But if a Faraday poster looks good and is all science-y, it will be difficult for me to hold back I think. :-o

As an artist, I'm very much looking forward to the individual styles of the posters, as much as the content itself! Too bad the artist Richard Amsel who did the original Indiana Jones poster (and many TV guide covers) isn't still alive to do one for Lost, that would be awesome.

Patrick Fatica said...

A tribute to LOST painting.

Capcom said...

Very nice! :-D

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