Monday, March 23, 2009

"That's The Way They Became The Dharma Bunch - 5.09"

An unexpected vacation kept me from posting on this great episode in a timely manner, but I guess I'll still put down some thoughts anyway FWIW. I loved the opening shot in the cockpit of 316, during the crash. And I will now make the type of comment that I usually don't make in my blogs...FRANK IS TOTALLY HOT!!!!! Ahem. I like pilots. And yes, I'm going to see the retro-showing of "Top Gun" at my theater next month, up in the front row. I hope that it's in 3D. :-)

Back to Lost; who doesn't think that Jin is feeling great in his new security job?! He gets to do the kind of work that he probably would have preferred to do for Mr. Paik (if he absolutely had to work for him), that is, be a benevolent gangster. This kind of work he gets to do in DHARMA-ville with a flourish. I love how TPTB wrote the dialogue between Jin, the captured Sayid, and James to keep their facade going in front of the DIs. It was all very savvy and Sayid's war-seasoned reply about whether or not he was a Hostile was pure Sayid.

It really pains me to have to relive the 1970s again in the show. The 70s were not kind to me on the whole (bad marriage, scary divorce) but I did meet some wonderful people who made sure that I came out of it OK. Too bad I couldn't have escaped to DHARMA-ville, which we got to see much more of this episode. I worried that there would be more than just side glances between Kate and James on the porch there. And as noted everywhere in the Lost-o-sphere, Jack getting vocational placement as janitor was priceless. Like James would probably say, "Payback's a b#tch," but he most likely did it to keep loose-canon-Jack on the sidelines where he might not cause too much trouble.

Concerning time paradoxes, I just put my brain in sleep-mode for that area of the story. There were some serious activities there that would surely cause a few moments in time to be rearranged, especially Juliet playing hot-potato with baby-Ethan after she found out who he was, considering the fact that he was the one who recruited her. Oops, too late, my brain just exploded again!

James' little speech to Jack was long time coming. Even though Christian tried to say the same thing to Jack at times, it didn't take because he said it in the wrong ways. James laid it out logically and succinctly. Hopefully Jack will heed the advice this time, but I have a feeling that the Jack is going to hit the fan soon enough.

Frank as the responsible pilot, has his work cut out for him in the middle of this second motley wreck he's crash-landed onto with this island. But like pilots say, any landing that you can walk away from is a good landing. It's really too bad that he wasn't on 815, because having him in charge (surely a pilot would rank over a surgeon in the castaway-leader qualifications!) would have saved us all a lot of Jack-face. And Dedjezter (at TLC) and I were right, Ben did take off alone after the crash to pursue his own interests, we just didn't know it yet when we saw him in the infirmary, thanks to Sun playing Whack-A-Ben with him!


lost2010 said...

Frank huh?

Well, he's definitely at the top of my "handy people to bring with you to a plane crash" list now. What a landing!!

One of the top moments was the Kate/Juliet exchange which was very much the female equivalent of what Jack and Sawyer did later.

Didn't get enough Sawyer/Hurley interaction for my taste but I guess we can't have everything.

Sorry you didn't enjoy the 70s. All I really remember about them is that I went to Disneyworld, had a cat named Cleo, wore a red polka dot bikini, and Holly Hobbie was really big. . .my friends and I all had Holly Hobbie sheets for some reason.

Capcom said...

Yes, I am going to enjoy the Alpha Female contest if it continues a little longer. ;-) Juliet is older than Kate, and has also been around the barracks longer than she has in both timelines, so she deserves to call the shots.

TPTB better do some funny things with Hurley in the compound while they're there, how can they resist?!

Aw, Holly Hobbie! :-)

Synchromystic Librarian said...

each his own, for me i DON'T want to see Juliette killed off, i cross my fingers that it NEVER happens even with V coming

Kate is SO getting back with Sawyer

this Kate/Juliette smackdown image cracked me up

i DUG the 70s

Synchromystic Librarian said...

btw, i like ur humor

here's another funny Lost commenter

lost funnies

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Well, crap. My post disappeared. Maybe its in 1977. I'll try again later, gang.

Capcom said...

LOL Mystic! And thanks. :-) Yes, I vote for Juliet staying on.

Hey thanks for the links. I usually do read Ackattack, but forgot this week so thanks for the reminder. I haven't ever seen the other one before, it's great! That will be a regular from now on too.

Oh drat Wayne, try again! :-o

pgtbeauregard said...

I am totally digging on Sawyer and Juliet, (and just on Sawyer being so darn cool)

Been a while since I posted, but do to economic circumstances, I was forced to become a revenue producing spouse. Am now in sales and marketing at a furniture manufacturer in NE Mississippi. Aahh, the good old days of only being outside on the weeknights and weekends!!!

Love the comments. Good work Capcom.

Capcom said...

Hi PGT, we did miss you! Good luck on your new job adventure too. LOL about weeknights/ends. :-)

I'm really hoping that Sawyer maintains his current self confidence, etc., because if he does and TPTB don't have him reverting back to his old self, it would follow the thread of rebirth and renewal in life that Lost was about in the early days. At least one of them has been able to truly attain that so far.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Here's a quick post, Capcom. Hi, everybody! I just have a time travel thing to drive Capcom more crazy, ha ha. Ok. Juliet & Ethan. Mind you, it was Juliet and not James who killed the first Other. So here's this weird conundrum. Juliet saves Amy's life, saves her baby, who grows up not only to help recruit her to the Island, but also (to me) was the catalyst for Claire hitting it off with Charlie. Charlie went to the Looking Glass because of one thing, really, Desmond seeing Claire and Aaron on the helicopter. Charlie started the beacon which brought the freighter and Keamey, etc., the Island moved and eventually everyone was back in 1974. If the time shifts had to do with important events on the Island, e.g., the science team and Jughead, were Juliet & Sawyer in 1974 (not, say, 1973, or, heck, even a DAY later) specifically to save Amy? Which starts that cycle above.

Anyone wanting more insanity, read Philip K. Dick. This is for the most part my lost post, but I wanted to take the Juliet holding Ethan thing a few steps further.

SgtB, glad you were able to get a job during these dark days.

lost2010, I've long thought there should be a Lapidus/Faraday spinoff, Frank being the MacGuyver type, Daniel being the Columbo type.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

By the way, Capcom, why did you post a photo of Jack's butt??????

Capcom said...

LOL Wayne, I thought that photo was the funniest "Jack-face" so far! And, it also bugged met that Jack (the saver of lives and souls) didn't know that when you are jumping in the water to save someone, you're not supposed to dive in so that you can keep your head above water in case the drowner(sp?) goes under, and then you'll know where to look for them. At least that's what I was taught in lifeguard school. I guess in Jack's defense, you could say that he'd know where Hurley went under by where the guitar case was floating.

Anyway, wow, excellent point about Claire and Charlie possibly not getting together if not for Ethan. Hmm. Now Charlie was a persistent bugger, but it's still a very valid point.

I get a very weird feeling about Amy. Like I said at Big's, she's got shifty eyes especially when at the fence. And unless it was just clunky script writing, her dialogue when they were getting roughed up at the picnic was weird. Or at the very least clunky acting. Was she just acting in front of Paul? Was it a setup? Hmm.

OK, gotta go wipe my bloody nose after reading your time theory, heheh. No actually, I really like and get it. :-D