Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Klimt's LOST Kiss"

Lately, I've got no theories. I'm all theoried-out. So when that happens I play with the pretty pictures. I was looking at Klimt's painting "The Kiss" the other day, and it reminded me of The Kiss of Season 4, so I made up this little montage of Des' and Pen's special moment. :-)

BTW, here's the original painting by Gustav Klimt (1862-1918, Austrian symbolism artist).


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Hey, Capcom. I got nothin.' Never saw the film, so I ca't comment. But you got me thinking (by the art/photo thingie) on how Naomi Dorritt got her hands on an exact (?) photo of Desmond & Penny. Who gave her the photo? Abaddon? Who gave it to him? Ms. Hawking?

Capcom said...

Oh, I'm not referencing a film, I was just divng into my art studies since the LOST part of my brain has been saturated to the point of numbness, I think, and that pic reminded me of Des and Pen.

Good question. There a few ways in which she could have gotten it unfortunately. Such as, Wid went through Penny's things at some point and took the photo. Or, the guy who took the photo was working for Mrs.H and the Time Lords, who gave it to Abbadon to give it to Naomi. Or, Abbadon's working for Penny (I doubt it--because she did say, "What boat") to infiltrate and usurp her father's efforts and find Des at the same time, etc. Lord knows how many copies were made of it, and by whom.

Which lead to all sorts of other Qs such as, is Abbadon a Time Lord too? That also makes me wonder, if Abbadon is working against Widmore, will Sun eventually meet him and work with him on the inside against Wid too?

Good grief. I hope that TPTB start tying up these loose ends in S-5, and don't just leave them dangling. I know it's just a story, but isn't it a good thing for an author to satisfy the seeds of curiosity that he has planted into the readers brain? Isn't that "Ah-ha" moment that comes when a story's answers unfold as important as the action? Sometimes I think that TPTB don't have any intentions of braiding or weaving together all these major strings that they've laid out (such as the photo details). I could be wrong, but there just doesn't seem like there's enough time left to do very much of that.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I thought the pic was from the lobby card of a film, I get it now. I have faith in everything being answered, if only because Brian K. Vaughn has been a writer/co-writer since the end of S3, look him up and you'll be impressed, because he knows how to NOT leave a question unanswered.

Capcom said...

I updated the post to describe it better, thanks.

Wow, I'll have to look up Vaughn. I know you've mentioned him before, and I forgot to look into his work that time, so I will now, thanks for that also. That's good news about him not leaving things unanswered. :-D

Lost 2010 said...

I'm glad you posted the original. I was wondering about that and you saved me a google. I wish I'd taken art history in college instead of drawing. All I learned in the drawing class was that some basic talent is apparently needed before all the technique in the world will help you.

However, you're photoshopping brings up another question. Is there a way to photoshop somebody's head onto someone else in a video? Or does it have to be a still-shot? I ask for amusement purposes only - in fact the more 'photoshopped' it looks for the project I have in mind the better.

Capcom said...

Oh sure, that can be done, but that's beyond my limited knowledge and my PC, so I've never done it. I only recently learned how to manipulate MSPaint and Printkey, which is all I have on my PC, haha. I'll bet if you ask that question over at TLC, Dennis, Ded, or someone can lead you in the right direction.

I hear what you're saying about art classes. I've been an artist all my life and could never figure out how to please the art teachers enough to get decent grades, even tho I could already do what they were teaching. :-(

If you like art and history, it would not be a bad thing to take an art history class even now. There's so much more to it than just art. You learn all about ancient civilizations as well, since it begins with cave drawings, Minoan, Egyptian, etc., and spans all geographies that mankind has inhabited. And a good teacher will include some sociology as well, since it's important to know why/how certain things were done. Best class I ever took in my life. :-)

Lost 2010 said...

That sounds like one of those things to put on the list for when the children are grown. For now, I'll have to stick with keeping softball stats and the like.

I have this Sony software that you can edit video footage in - - maybe I can play around with that. . .it's just a joke for a friend so I can't invest too very much time in it.

M The Alien said...

Hey Capcom! Hey Wayne!
Sorry for the disappearing act, I went on vacation a few months ago and long story short, I hit my head and lost some of my memory, which totally sucks! Anyway, yesterday someone at work asked how my blog was and I was like "Blog? what blog?" so they showed me and viola! I remember you guys! I see I've missed some posts so i'll be playing catch up for a little while but i'm back!

Capcom said...

Alien, you're kidding!!! Well did you see my last post on your blog yet? I was worried about you!!! :-O

I hope that you are recovering well, please keep us informed on your progress! I will keep tabs on your blog to see if you are able to post and communicate, etc.

Concentrate on getting better, you're in our prayers! XO