Thursday, August 14, 2008

"Misfiring Pens And Guns"

We saw that when Claire was trying to sign the adoption papers, her pens failed to work in the same way that Mike's gun didn't work for him at multiple attempts. So come on Powers That Be, when are you going to tell us why the island wouldn't let Claire take Aaron anywhere but to the island? The psychic said that it would have to be that flight. So it looks as if the island was calling the shots there. I hope that we don't have to wait until the finale of all finales, to learn why Aaron was supposed to crash on the island (and, exactly how it is that the island has all this power to control events!). But it's such a huge mystery at this point, that's probably when and how it will be the final scene before the blackout-boom-logo. At least maybe TPTB will give us a few hints and crumbs along the way.

Some theories on Aaron can of course be found at Lostpedia. One that sounded interesting to me was: "Jack and Kate are the "nice couple in LA" to whom Richard Malkin wanted Claire to give Aaron. He didn't know that the plane would crash, but only knew of the future where Jack and Kate were happily raising Aaron." That makes it appear that although Malkin was perhaps not an operating psychic, maybe he did get flashes of precognition like Desmond that didn't really fit together, and he just pieced them in his head to make as much sense of them as he could. Hmmm.


memphish said...

I can buy that the reason Claire and Aaron had to be on the plane was to get Aaron to Jack. And now Jack is messing it up. But if you think about Jack's worries about being a father that go back to his pre wedding talks both in the show and I think in that first mobisode with his dad, that Jack's ability to be a father and most likely a father to a son is a key part of his destiny.

Capcom said...

Great points Memphish! Maybe Locke's death is going to be the humbling experience that Jack needs to see the light and eliminate his savior/martyr complex so that he can be a good father.

But then agian, why did Hurley say, that Chalrie said, that Jack's not supposed to raise "him"? Unless the him is not Aaron, or raise doesn't mean bring-up. Sigh.

memphish said...

Oops. I forgot that. I still get the feeling there's at least 2 forces in play here. Christian's contingent that wants Aaron off the Island and Jack raising Aaron and some other contingent, and I'm still not sure who that group is or what it wants.

Capcom said...

I know, once again, too many sides and intentions! :-o

Lost 2010 said...

Ironically, I was re-watching Raised by Another while you were posting this.

I have this tingly feeling in the back of my mind that says the writers need to rewatch that episode themselves. . . they've already lost a lot of the threads there. . .

Like how Claire is very distressed about telling her mom - - who we now know was in a coma - - now maybe it's just me, but I don't think I'd worry about being disowned by someone whose comatose.

What I kept coming back to was Locke saying in the dream - -

"He was your responsibility and you gave him away. Now everyone has to pay the price."

Because now that's essentially happened and bad things are about to happen after Aaron is taken away - - no?

Capcom said...

Heheh, you're right, TPTB somtimes seem to trip themselves on the continuity factors of facts from past eps. True, you wouldn't really worry about giving bad news to someone in a coma. :-D

Excellent points about paying the price, etc!

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Good points, Memphish, and good blog, Capcom. Lost, I told Capcom a few months back that I had started rewatching the episodes from the beginning, the way I'd look back to the beginning of an epic book to see how much foreshadowing there really was. I think the biggest problem with Claire and Aaron is that they barely in half the episodes, and this might explain the Claire-centric episodes seemingly disjointed. Her dream of Locke seemed right on the money, and that was the scene of Locke with the white eye/black eye. Since Claire went off with Christian/Jacob, she has been in EVERY episode, actually every one in season #4. I really don't know what to expect re: Aaron. But I'll bet this particular story is on an upswing now that Claire is more predominant again (if only in Kate's dream or Jacob's cabin).

Capcom said...

Tx Wayne! :-) Yes, Claire and Aaron are very scarce for the most part. I wonder if TPTB are using that as a tool to really shock us later when we find out how important Aaron might be. Too bad that by now, we've had so much time to speculate, some things maybe won't be so much of a shock as they could have been.

The Rush Blog said...

Oh God! When are people are going to get over that theory about Jack and Kate being "meant" to raise Aaron??


Hurley made it perfectly clear to Jack that he wasn't meant to raise Aaron. Kate gets a message via a phone call that she has to return to the island.

Why are fans so desperate to believe that Jack, Kate and Aaron are supposed to form this perfect little family?

Is this some kind of justification for the lie that Oceanic Six had made about Kate being Aaron's mother? People would rather to believe that they had done the right thing, instead of committing a major crime by kidnapping a child via a lie?