Saturday, May 3, 2008

"Random Reflections 4.10"

As Rose said the big question is, why DID Jack get sick? Did the island make him sick because it wants to keep him on the island, or get rid of him because he's a danger to the island?

I guess TPTB completely buried any of our theories about Danielle being alive! :-p

Go Dan! I think that Charlotte was just waiting for you to finally get macho.

Is Hurley still rich enough to get them back to the island at any cost?

I like Frankie more every episode, even though he looks smelly. I hate Keamy more every episode, even though I want to touch his muscles.

Jin plays a helluva game of brinkmanship!

We learn why and when Jack first called the waaambulance.

Does Aaron get rescued without Claire because she is off with Dad?????

Tsktsk, a marriage built on lies is doomed before it even begins.

This may be the freakiest preview scene yet. I'm psyched!


maven said...

Good random reflections, Capcom. I think you hit on the major points of this episode. I, too, am liking the dynamics played out with the F4. But, ewww, do you really want to touch Keamy's muscles? LOL

Rose does seem to represent the fan base asking the basic questions: Why did the island let Jack get sick (let alone Ben)? Is it because he unleashed the freighter folk?

The flash forward relationship of Kate and Jack is really a FAST forward version...from hot sex to proposal to betrayal all within 42 minutes!

There was almost a reversal of roles between Jack and Sawyer. Sawyer seems to be taking on the protector/savior role, while Jack is relinquishing it (he fails at getting them rescued). Sawyer is the protector of Aaron on the island and Kate is the protector of Aaron off the island. It's a topsy-turvy world of through the looking glass (with another Alice reference in the bedtime story). No one really knows who they are.

Capcom said...

Thanks Maven! And yes, check out those pics of his pecs again from a few eps ago. His arms are huge! Makes me just wanna hang on 'em like a monkey. And I'm shocked that I said that as well! :-o

I really like that we got some "what's up with the island" talk from Rose and Bernard. Good old Bernie seems to be a conversation totem lately, I love it whenever he's around.

I agree, it was kind of like jump-in-jump-out with Jack and Kate this week, wow.

James has really blossomed since season three (whatever day that is on the island). I think that Hurley's tutelage did a lot of good for his character, as well as releasing his pent up past. He seems much more of a natural at caring for people than Jack does. Like someone said, Jack needs to help people for himself, not for the person he's helping.

Great comments Maven! :-)

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

My Holy $#!T moment was seeing Horace Goodspeed and his "being dead for twelve years" line. What the crap will we see next (this) week? Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog, which is the best to comment off topic? Check my blog tonight, I'm finally writing about the Numbers Stations and the Conet Project. Kinda LOST related.

Capcom said...

OK! :-D

Yeah, I can't wait to see what that is all about. I don't know what scares me more, the 12 years dead or the bloody nose on a dead person. Or, the dead person with an axe! I like when LOST gets creepy.

Lost 2010 said...

That's the trouble with watching the episode online - I missed this preview everyone is talking about.

As for the marriage built on lies - it's always seemed to me that Kate will lie even when the truth would be simpler. After all, the only reason it should bother Jack that she's doing a favor for Sawyer is that she's keeping it a secret. If it were out in the open, there's a decent chance he wouldn't have even cared.

And for what it's worth - I'm impressed with Keamy's muscles too. Can't say I want to touch them, but they are definitely the only plus in the Keamy column.

Capcom said...

You're right Lost2010, in Kate's life her lies ruin everything. The thing that really bugged me about it is that they both thought that it was OK to tell lies. What would be the big deal about Jack visiting Hurley that he would ahve to lie aobut it? Oh well, I guess that TPTB had to start up an argument somehow. :-)

Lost 2010 said...

I'm sure it was mainly to keep us wondering about this mysterious favor Sawyer's going to ask Kate to do that he wouldn't want Jack to know about. I doubt we'll get any payoff on it any time soon.

Capcom said...

That too. Just one more friggin question to add to the pile. :-p

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Most likely Sawyer had Kate clean up one of his past cons, maybe Cassidy and Clementine. That screen cap of Keamy makes him look like Christopher Walken! lost2010, sorry you missed the preview by watching the show online, but that's what you get for not being like me, taping the show on VHS, having a dialup computer, and basically living the life of the Unabomber, only without the violence. :)

PS Ted Kayzinski would be driven crazy by word verification!!!

Capcom said...

Heheh, you're right, he does look like Walken. How awesome would it be if he was on the show?! He's probably the only other actor who could play Ben just right. He's very good at having his character display a sweet smile while secretly ruining you as he speaks. I'd like to see him say Ben's, "Because you're mine!" line.

Or, maybe he'll play Jacob! :-D

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Hey, Capcom. Walken as Jacob: Locke, needs...more...cowwwwbellll! Hurley: Dude. You're Christopher Walken. Ben: I just LOVED you in, oh, wait. I was thinking of John Malkovich. Oh, the hell with this, I'm going back to Tunisia.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Oh, and feel free to post my Cloverfield Locke (you were the first person to mention the connection, such as it is) on your blog. That is still one of my favorite photos, I never thought it would come out that clearly from a disposable camera. I'm not selfish. And when will you be updating your other blogs (not the job one)? If I comment, will it get to you via email? Oh, and search my blog for the entry Strangers On A Blog re: your blog concerning the job you retired from. You might find it amusing.

Capcom said...

LOL, don't forget the skits Walken did as the tacky guy in his apartment with champagne, having his date over, heehee. I like those the best.

Re: my other blogs...well, my artwork blog I have a hard time getting my drawings on, because the scanner that I have is so dinky, that I can't scan even my smaller canvases, and my drawings get all crunched up in the "well" of the scanner while I'm pressing them flat to scan. So I'm trying to un-mat some of my smaller drawings for scanning. It's tricky with the tape and all. I do have a lot of old drawings that would fit, but they are SO very dated (i.e., rock stars from the '80s, ick) :-)

My ex-job blog I didn't open comments on because if my old company sees it somehow, they might send me nasty-grams and tell me to stop, and I don't want to stop b*tching about them, it makes me feel better. :-)

My general art blog I plan to do some more articles on that I have ideas for. More art books, some architecture, ancient artifacts, etc. I like your photos of Chicago, I like city history, especially with a retro flavor.

I stopped using the emailed comments thing a while ago, so I don't get email when people comment. Maybe I should...but I do check them regularly. Thanks for checking them out! :-)

Sorry for the long post. I'll check out your post that you mention!

Nicole said...

Hey thanks for the comment. I looveee the Dharma story! And Jacob too! I want more of that!

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Changed the avatar, I see. Are these manga characters? I keep forgetting to say, DOES Hurley have the lottery winnings? If Flight 815 went down, how long would it be before the money went to the state or an executor? Here in Illinois, you can take a bigger sum of winnings by getting annual payments UNTIL you die, that's why some winners say it was a family venture, so someone always lives through the 20 year payout. So, does Hurley just not give a crap about the dough, or is it gone (or at least, the majority of it)? Food for thought.

Capcom said...

Hi Nicole! :-)

Yeah, the avatar (I change them often) is another Nausicaa pic from Hayao Miyazaki's manga/animation of the same name. It's the only creator of that genre that I really like, his work is incredible. I've been meaning to do something aobut him on my art museum blog.

Back to LOST, Hurley has said that the money brought him nothing but pain, and he was hoping that while he was gone everyone would spend his money, so that when they got back he'd be free. So I was wondering if it actually did get spent, or if there was anything left for him to spend helping Jack get back to the island. Then again, they might have also gotten money from Oceanic after getting back as well.