Friday, May 9, 2008

"Bad Dreams 4.11"

And I'm not just talking about Locke's dream.
Last night I had the strangest dreams after a LOST episode ever! Keamy was all over the place causing trouble, but he was also supposed to teach a calculus class that I was being forced to take, and I didn't do my homework, so I was in a panic about what he would do. Huh? Well, at least it wasn't like PeeWee's dream about a snake wearing a vest, heheh.

Among the obvious points about Locke's dream that were odd (i.e., a dead Horace chatting up a storm while making like Paul Bunyan) the dream seemed to be on a loop for some reason. Horace greeted and introduced himself to Locke twice. Was Horace repeating himself to make sure that Locke was paying attention and got the point of his nocturnal visitation? Locke does seem to need to get hit on the head more than once to understand the obvious at times. I was a little disappointed that "Mr.I-Want-Some-Answers" just replied with a sheepish, "Nope," when Horace asked him if he knew what he was talking about. And why would Horace or the D.I. have the map to Jacob's house anyway? That opens up a lot of questions about how much the D.I. knew about Jacob, how they knew it, and whether they tried to communicate with him at all. Perhaps the Purge happened before they got to make the attempt.

Horace saying "Godspeed" is interesting also, and not just because of his last name. Godspeed is an expression of wishing good fortune and prosperity on one's journey. As well as for wishing God to be with the person and to light their path along the way. It seems as if Horace (or who ever this dream visitor is) really wants Locke to take the mission he's being given to heart, and to go and do it successfully, without messing it up as John often does. We can only hope that Locke can follow the instructions that he receives this time, better than he has when other people have tried to "tell him what to do" for his own benefit. The stakes for the island and everyone on it are very high now and Locke needs to follow the right plan for a change. Or his ego may just blow up the whole island.


maven said...

Did you at least get to touch his muscles, Capcom? LOL

Capcom said...

NO! :o) That's why it was a bad dream, heheh. Seriously, I have some strange dreams on Thursday nights, does anyone else? I have to start reading something light before I go to sleep after the episodes. And I'm very upset that Keamy has replaced Dez in my subconscious too.

pgtbeauregard said...

Hey Capcom!

Just rewatched Cabin Fever, and noticed that Horace's nosebleed came and went at least three times. Could his time travel be somehow part of how Locke will "move the island" - maybe in time.

Too much info overload in this ep, but it was great.

Capcom said...

Hi PGT! That is definitely weird, for sure. I don't know what to think about that. Is it possible that Horace traveled, and met up with John in the future? Ow, my brain just got a cramp. :-o

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Hey, Manga Capcom from chilly Chicago. Horace's last name is Goodspeed, and I've always thought it was a play on words. I believe Jacob's cabin was once Horace's and Olivia's getaway. Just as Jacob needed a body in Christian, he also needed someplace to hang out. He took up residence after the Purge of'92, I suspicion. Ben did close Horace's eyes after the Purge, could Horace have shown him the cabin, taken him there and shown him books and backgammon and how to bug your eyes out to scare people? My dreams are ALWAYS whack, like scenes from DARK CITY or future stories I'll write like "The Suicide Window." But I sometimes dream about Richard Alpert, not in a man crush way, in a CREEPY way. Like dreaming about Dick Cheney.

Also, did you see my comment over at EYE M SICK? I've always thought the phrase "Not In Portland" really meant "Not Important" as in where the Island really is.

Capcom said...

Hey Wayne! Heheh, I never knew anything about Manga until about 2004, I was a late bloomer in that genre. In NY, that word was always what people's Italian mother's said to you to get you to eat. :o)

I kind of believe what Horace said about building the cabin too. And maybe Jacob did take it over later. If he's Magnus, perhaps all those dead slaves in the Black Rock finally started to bother him so he had to move. Maybe Locke should have been asking Horace what those jars of red liquid were on the window sills.

That is an interesting play on words with "Not In Portland". It did seem as if Richard was hinting that it wasn't important where Juliet was going, just that she would be doing the work that she wanted to do.

Sorry that it's still cold in Chicago!