Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Evil Eyes 4.12"

This scene really jarred me until I saw what was going on.
It was a total WTH moment for me. Then the C-130 door continued to open to the full position and I felt dumb, but the image really caught me off guard. I mean, we had no idea what was going to happen in this first installment of the Triple-Finale, so I was expecting anything and I guess my mind registered this as some kind of monster in the first second that it appeared. Especially after Smokey was let loose a couple weeks ago, I suppose I was ready for the works!

Oh well, I'm sick with a cold and my new supply of FRS super-vitamins haven't arrived in the mail yet, so this is about the only thought that I can muster up for now about the episode. I need to watch it again anyway. My ill mind is obsessing about the Orchid station, and I've peaked at some preview caps, so I can't get them off my mind. :-o


maven said...

LOL! It's amazing how differently people view things!

Hope you're feeling better soon...colds can last a while...hope it's gone by next Thursday!

Lost 2010 said...

Hope you feel better soon.

That does look like a monster when you catch it just right, doesn't it?

Capcom said...

Thanks friends!

Yeah, I went from "OMG!" to "D'oh!" in a split second, TPTB sure played a joke on me. :-D

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Hey, Capcom. Get better soon. Its still in the 50s here, I'm surprised I don't have flesh-eating pneumonia (Chicago always has to be different). Laid off from my job yesterday, so my fingers are crossed for a warmer summer if I'm going to walking the mean streets once again.

Capcom said...

Tx Wayne. I still didn't get my vitamins in the mail yet, now we won't get any mail until Tuesday.

Wow, sorry to hear about your job! Hope that you find something suitable very soon. It's still pretty cool here in TN as well, but probably about 10' warmer than Chicago. The jet stream has been dipping very low for an unusually long time, so all that northern climate is swooping down upon us. So much for swimming on Memorial Day, but I wouldn't be anyway. Have a good weekend everyone.