Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Mystery Tales!"

A story of LOST fan persistence, and 'supply and demand'.
Word is spreading that some LOST fans found a copy of the comic book in Locke's episode, on EBay. Good work dudes! They posted the details of their $400.00 (ahem!) acquisition, and are now in the process of scanning and discussing the story on their blog. All I can say is, thanks for sharing! :-D Check it out:


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Hey, CapCom. Should be some interesting scans, at least. Some of thdose 50s comics were the best of the genre, by far. A story had to be told in five pages and, moreso than in the superhero books,make sense and not seem rushed. My particular favolrite is of a copy of STTRANGE MYSTERIES, with one scientist on the cover imploring another, who was wearing goggles "Tell me, man, what do you see?" Evidenty, the guy was seeing a reddish solid creature fighting with a yellow flame being near the ceiling rafters. Couldn't tell you for true, as the cover image never appeared in the story inside, but was implied, as if the cover was the inside of Jacob's cabin and the stry was what Locke told everyone about, ha ha.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Oh, and can you remind your other readers to disregard my typos. It sucks living in this body, I gotta tell you.

maven said...

Thanks for sharing the sharing, Capcom! The similarities to LOST are eerie!

Capcom said...

I agree about old comic books. I'm planning on going to the comic store down the street to look for some today. I used to like the Illustrated Classics comics when I was a kid. For some reason tho, the only one I really remember vividly was "The man That Laughed" about a guy who was disfigured into having a permanently smiling face. Scared the crud out of me then. :-) Those Illustread Classics are in the avg range of $5-$25 now.

LOL Maven, "sharing the sharing", I like that. :-D

Don't worry about typos Wayne, we all do it. FWIW, you're in my prayers for healing and/or relief, if you don't mind. :-)

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I have never been able to get my hands on THE MAN WHO LAUGHED, even the short story version. I first knew of it after The Black Dahlia books. You ever find a copy, let me know. I had quite a few comics I sold after 9/11 in one of my goofy meltdowns, even more after being out of work in 05, but I had a Classics Illus. of CALL OF THE WILD from 1951. I kept all my 50s and Golden Age comics, my oldest is a Blue Beetle from 1940.

Capcom said...

Droooool. Wow, of course I have none of mine. There is a 1961 DVD with The Man That Laughed in it, it's called Mr. Sardonicus(sp?) and I've thought about getting it off of Amazon. It looks like the same story.

Hmmmm, I've had those kinds of meltdowns and gotten rid of things that I cherished...mostly out of panic. My last one was right after I finished chemo/radiation, and I was in serious mental stress, I guess that's just what it does, and thought I was gonna have a nervous breakdwon before I'd ever get my a## out of NY to TN with all my beloved collectible junk. In hindsight, I compare it to the meltdown that Catwoman had in her apartment, in the Batman movie. Wasn't quite that bad, but mentally it felt like that.

Uh, anyway, on a lighter note, check out that Sardonicus DVD on Amazon. :-) Oh, on the subject of the Black Dahlia, have you ever seen that book that links her to that guy in Hollywood who originally owned that F.L. Wright tileblock house (that's always in movies), Man Ray, and the Dada-ist movement? It's very interesting, but I can't decided how much belief to put in it. I also can't remember the name of the book, sorry.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Hey, Capcom. MR. SARDONICUS (from sardonicus rictus--fatal smile) was a short story by Ray Russell. "The Man Who Laughed" is a story by I'm Drawing A Blank that wasn't even collected with his other fiction. You are thinking of THE BLACK DAHLIA AVENGER by Steve Hodel. Decent book for the characters you mentioned, plus the true descriptions of the time frame involved, but some books stretch the imagination, another being MY DADDY WAS THE BD KILLER.

Word verification: kippi. Finally, an easy one. Watch me eff it up.

Capcom said...

Oh rats, well, good thing that I didn't get that DVD. Tx for the info! Well, we are both on a mission to find that story! :-D I thought that it was the man WHO laughed too, and searching only came up with the man THAT laughed. That must be the telling diff between both those stories. Good to know.

Right, that other book about the BD was good too. True, you think? Very compelling. It doesn't seem like the author was just looking for his "15 minutes", so it has to be difficult to say that your father was a deranged killer.

I can't wait to see more of this LOST comic, I hope that they start scanning and posting a little faster.

Sheesh, I got wv: vjfouivu

Codysmom said...

Hey, capcom. I went to read all four pages of the comic.. pretty cool. As they are trying to relate it to Lost, nobody is saying anything about the RING and that the only ring we have seen of importance in Lost is Charlie's ring... He didn't die until he took it off. When they showed Frank's drop-off of his bag with the sat phone in it, it practically fell on the crib where Charlie put his ring and they made it a point to show this, I think. hmmmmmmmm Des never gave Charlie's list of Greatest Hits to Claire, but I wonder if Charlie's ring will be found in the crib and given to Aaron?

Can't wait for the finale this week!!!!!!
Hope you're feeling better!

Capcom said...

Tx Codysmom! Still lingering...still don't have my vitamins yet. :-(

Yes I too have been wondering about that list and the ring. I hope that won't be more of the things that TPTB want us to just assume has happened. That would have been a great opportunity for them to find those things in Claire's tent, when they retrieved the phone. Dang.

I hope that they scan and post the story that's on the cover of the comic, that's the one that I want to see!

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I hadn't realized the phone had hit the cradle, looked to me like it had been like a tgable, the blanket being a tablecloth. I had always wondered about the Greatest Hits list, maybe Christian willtell Claire about it in some spooky way. The fate of the ring must play into it, but then the list seemed to have been forgotten, as well. Sometimes I get angry at the small things overlooked, but then I realize the scope of the show and the amount of characters being juggled.

Capcom said...

Don't feel bad, I did not even realize that it was Claire's tent until it was mentioned in recaps. :-B

I also get perturbed at many of that things that TPTB get us to specifically notice and get thinking about, just to let those things get lost in the plot and never mentioned again. Like Wet Walt, amoung many other little once-significant thingies.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Re: your Image Of The Day--yes, I wish we would see that door again. The blast door map does show tunnels. I think the comic is a lucky coincidence, in that there were many pulp stories and comics in the 50s that had a similar tone. It does seem that the theme of LOST has made me have more creedence in the belief of collective consciousness, that "everything happens for a reason," as Season One's tagline proclaimed. So I think that its just a happy coincidence that someone knew of or came across that comic. Re: things that get lost in the show's progression (no pun intended, really), including your mention of those fake door with the Dharma door logo: what ever happened re: the brand on Juliet's back? Why set up Diana Scarwid as "the sheriff" and kill her off at the end of last year, with no real explanation on laws? And what about the Ummo sign carved into the tree by the gun cache? (Check Wikipedia or Lostpedia on the UFO symbol). Hopefully, there's another Others or Richard-centric episode, also explaining why they go from casual dress like at the Book Club to rags. Thinking about it, maybe Vincent will find the ring. Sun lost and found hers burying the SOS bottle, so its a good guess the dog will show up. AND WHERE THE HELL IS MS. HAWKING AND BROTHER CAMPBELL??????? (I'll bet Faraday has met them without knowing who they are. OK, I'll stop ranting now).

Capcom said...

Wow, yes, all of what you said! :o)

You know, what you said about the comic book is what I consider to be the beauty of the creative process of an ongoing story like a TV series, or even a book series. The more time goes by, and the more research the authors can do, the more things that they can incorporate into the story to add to the intricacies or layers of the overall "tapestry" so to speak. Whereas, with something like a movie, a painting, or a one-shot book, the creator might find something too late to be included into the piece of work.

That would be awesome if Faraday knew the Bro and Mrs.H. Afterall, that photo of them was taken (photoshopped) at Oxford.