Friday, February 22, 2008

"Favorite Scenes 4.04"

The boathouse.
This island terrain here looked different from what we usually see. It seemed sort of misty and spooky. And the screeching peacock, or whatever it was, sounded eerily human -- it even turned Kate's head. I hope that someone with some tech savvy can check this audio out for us.

Dan's grimace upon checking out the box of DHARMA food!

Kate's drive to suburbia.
I thought for sure that she was going to drive up to the original Brady Bunch house.


memphish said...

Brady Bunch house. LOL Capcom. But the kids' bathroom didn't even have a toilet. (Brady Bunch nerd.)

Looks to me more like Kate may live in the Palisades or Brentwood than the Valley. Of course I guess it's just a Hawaii house with a LA backdrop.

Capcom said...

Yeah, those Hawaiian Hills look like Beverly Hills. And right, why didn't the kids' bathroom have a toilet?! :-D

I'm wondering if maybe Dan saw on the ingedients list, "...Olestra fat substitute can cause anal leakage..." Not the kind of problem you'd want on a deserted island with limited toilet paper! That stuff was nasty and didn't last long on the shelves, so they probably cut their losses by selling it to DHARMA and other 3rd World places. :o)

memphish said...

Hurley can point out to them the best leaves for that problem.

Capcom said...

Haha! Sawyer did call him Montezuma!

Amused2bHere said...

Brady Bunch! LOL I thought the same thing!

(Of course the bathroom had a toilet, we just didn't see it!)

One of my favorite lines was Sawyer's response to Hurley's invitation to watch a movie: "I'm reading!"

memphish said...

Actually A2BH according to Barry Williams who played Greg and who has written a book about it that I bought and read, it didn't have a toilet. Nor did the sliding glass windows have glass. Yes that's how big a Brady Bunch nerd I am. :P

Capcom said...

Me too! Is that Barry Williams book any good? I don't want to read trash about my favorite TV family. Yeah, that's funny about the glass, it was always way too clean and so obvious. :-D

memphish said...

Good is a relative term in this case Capcom. I enjoyed it. It goes episode by episode and gives little insights into each one like bloopers and things. For example in one episode you can here Flo Henderson call Jan "Eve". It's not full of sex and drugs and rock and roll; it's more innocent than that.

Capcom said...

Oh yay, that's what I meant by good, i.e., that it doesn't besmirch the Brady aura of innocence for us fans. I think I'll read it then, thanks Memphish!