Friday, February 29, 2008

"Favorite Scenes 4.05"

Is the "hole" in the sky the location of bearing 305' ?

This, and all of the scenes connecting with FIND815!


Capcom said...

(Wiki)" event horizon is a boundary in spacetime...beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer. Observers stationary with respect to [the] object will all agree on where the horizon is."

"With an acoustic horizon (also known as 'sonic horizon') behind [the] horizon can modify the effective horizon position and allow information to escape from a horizon-bounded region."

Lost 2010 said...

Well, it doesn't look like the event horizon on Andromeda but I'm starting to think it's similar in effect.

Did we ever decide whether time is moving faster or slower on the island? Or is there just a day's buffer in that event horizon the chopper passed through - Is time passing the same both on and off island, but you get hung up in that event horizon and don't realize time is passing.

Capcom said...

I don't really know what the general consensus is....but I like your last sentence there. Since the calendar on the boat shows what time it should be on the island also (unless it's an old calendar that wasn't taken down--would TPTB fool us like that???!), it seems to be the same, but different. Heheh, I love that phrase. Anway, maybe going thru the horizon/EMF belt takes you out of phase, until you are outside of it and back to normal?

Right, it doesn't look like a blackhole horizon at least...and they did not stretch out and snap the way you should at a blackhole horizon! :-)

Capcom said...

Re: the stormy event horizon around the island, and how time on the island and on the boat appear to be the same, as per the calendar in sickbay...I wonder if it's something like an electronic PN junction. That is, whatever makes up the island's EM forces, or field, has some kind of boundary which doesn't just fizzle out as it gets farther away from the island. That is, it's got a definite edge to it.

Where that edge butts up against normal non-island atmosphere, it creates the storm field, where the edges of normal atmospheric conditions, sort of mingle with the island's EMF atmospheric conditions, and they combine at the edge like a PN junction, but forming this very turbulent area of mixed conditions that is difficult to get through, for various cosmic reasons.

The reason that I was thinking this is because of the calendar. If Walt comes back, and time hasn't passed farther off-island, how can they expain his growth? Maybe they can, if you can get caught in this "atmospheric junction" area, for "years" while you age, and then you manage to get back on the bearing and make it out. Then time would not have changed in the world, but it has passed for you while you were trapped. If Mike has no experience at sea, he may have had some trouble keeping the bearing, especially if the boat's getting tossed in the storm.

I'm going to post this around to see if it makes any sense to anyone maybe.

Lost 2010 said...

I like it.

So you're saying -

I'm on the island - it's Dec. 24, 2004.

I pass into the event horizon - I'm in a place where time is distorted and it may seem as though I've completed disappeared - but once I come through the other side.

I'm on the freighter - it's Dec. 24, 2004.

Capcom said...

Right, that's what I mean how it could be. I'm just trying to fix it in my head how the calendar (if to be believed) can basically be in the same timeframe as the island. So maybe it's the barrier around the island's EM field that's off kilter in some way? Once you're through or out of it, you're safe...if you aren't predisposed to getting "unstuck", that is. :-)

Lost 2010 said...

So, if you stay on bearing then you'd pass directly out with no problem. But when you get off course the time is distorted. Then you have to get back on course to pop out the other side.

Capcom said...

That's what I'm thinking too! :-D

Lost 2010 said...

Well, at least that's two of us. LOL

Capcom said...

Doc Jensen too, apparently.