Friday, February 15, 2008

"Fave Line 4.03"

"...and if he still doesn't tell us, then we'll move on to Roast Beef."

Sawyer, on shooting "Gizmo's" piggies. :-D


pgtbeauregard said...

Great line,
and so was --- but then we'll have to carry him!!!

Kudos to TPTB for this ep. My fav line was "so then I'll wait twenty minutes and then go". I was by myself watching and I shouted "touche".

Whoo hoo, Lost is BACK.

Capcom said...

I agree PGT, that was a great zinger by Jack to Kate! :-D

One way to cure having to carry Ben is to shoot off his fingers instead, heheh.

maven said...

My fav line was Hurley (after being called Tubby by Miles): Oh great, the freighter sent us another Sawyer!

Capcom said...

I know, poor Hurley, another personal tormentor.