Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Nephilim Schmephilim"

Some recent LOST blog talk about Mr. Four Toes has gotten me wondering lately about our favorite stone Foot. I know that I shouldn't think about it, because there's really no point in trying to speculate about something so odd (odd for LOST even!) that TPTB have given us so very little info about. One sighting, that's what they gave us, a long time ago (it seems). As well as some brief cryptic talk about a temple, and a bad man tied to a lone ancient style column in a field, that could be hints to the origin of The Foot and it's creators. The possibilities are endless, and to speculate without more clues would merely cause my brain to run in pointless circles around itself, the way it does with the rest of the LOST mysteries. So I have to keep what few brain cells that I have left working on the more important LOST clues.

But the large size of the statue gets me thinking about the entities that the Israelites in the Bible called the Nephilim. They were giants of a sort, believed to be the offspring of the "sons of heaven" and the "daughters of man" -- "The Nephilim were on the earth in those days...when the sons of God went to the daughters of man and had children by them" (Genesis6:4). Unfortunately the Bible doesn't tell us how many toes they had though! We also don't really know where they came from either. Were they the offspring of fallen angels similar to Lucifer? Or were they just a tribe of people who were able to eat and live well so that they grew very tall?

The book of Numbers (13:31) also mentions a people that "...were of great size. We saw the Nephilim there...We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we seemed the same to them." Genesis says that the Nephilim were heroes and men of renown in the eyes of men. Celebrities of a sort for that day, I suppose, which means that they could have been famous or infamous. But ultimately the Bible tells us that they were up to no good. The Hebrew word for Nephilim means "fallen ones" (and God wasn't happy with them) so I guess that they didn't get that moniker by being peaceful or charitable creatures.

I really do hope that TPTB eventually tell us where The Foot came from. All we know so far is that it has four toes, and it is wearing a sandal and some kind of ankle legging or guard similar to Roman gear. I suppose that the fact that the statue remnant is huge, does not mean that the subject of the statue was necessarily a giant. Many statues have been made by mankind in larger-than-life proportions to give homage to gods and masters. Or for the mere purpose of making sure that everyone can see it and get the message, such as in the Statue of Liberty. But it's kind of fun to wonder if maybe the Island was visited by giants or that the original inhabitants were mutated into overgrown humans by the strange Island properties.

Note: if anyone is interested in this subject, and also likes scifi/space fiction, there is an excellent book that I read a few years ago called, "Ice", by Shane Johnson. I can't explain what it's about other than it's a speculation about what might have happened if the final Apollo missions were not cancelled....and then some. I've already said too much, and don't want to spoil the surprise. You can read more about Johnson and "Ice" here:


Synchromystic Librarian said...

whisperers = nephilim

also, they are currently trying to mate with the female Others but it is not working, yet as the deaths indicate

capcom said...

Hey, nice theory! It could work!

Ellen said...

Good post, Capcom! I also like the idea that the nephilim are the whisperers! An ancient civilization ... *!

Capcom said...

Thanks! I really like reading your ideas, they are very much along the lines of my own. :-)