Monday, July 9, 2007

"More Summer Fun From J.J.Abrams??"

Just as Lost fans are feeling the disappointment of there being no TLE2 follow-up to last summer's TLE during the Season 2 and 3 LOST hiatus, someone has given us something else to play with. As most movie-goers know by now, a cryptic preview was shown before the "Transformers" movie for a new mysterious Abrams movie to be released January 2008. A title for the movie has not been revealed yet. Nor does the preview disclose too much of what the movie is about, other than to show the celebration for some fellow embarking on a major change of life, being interrupted by the roars and rumblings of "something" blowing things up in the distance of the city.

A day or two of Internet buzz and research came up with a few sites that seem to pertain to the preview, which have included an interesting online game to play. The first part of the game involved some puzzles, videos, and then a message to keep vigilant until August 1 when we will apparently be getting some more info and/or puzzles to solve. Meanwhile, there have been some videos and messages posted for players to ruminate over, emails to receive from a character in the game, and a lot of Sanskrit to decode. And the first underlying theme of the game seems to be the kind of juicy conflict and mystery that we usually get from Bad Robot, which is that each side says that they are the Good Guys and that the others are the Bad Guys. Which puts us, the viewers/players, into the position of not knowing which side we are supposed to trust in the middle of all the mystery and action that is going on. Sweet!

Here are a few of the official sites to help anyone get started with what's going on:

Here is a good blog from a TLC member that will be posting events as they happen, as well as any of the websites involved, and sites with forums and clues from players.

There is tons of speculation on what the movie is going to be about, from Godzilla to Cthulhu, but they are covered in the Internet leads from the clues blog posted above, so I won't go into them here. Follow the clues and solve the puzzles and wait for more fun!

UPDATE: According to an interview with "Ain't it Cool" news, J.J. Abrams has stated that the Ethan Haas websites do not pertain to the 1/18/08 site or movie. We'll see what happens.

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