Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Davy Jones' Looking Glass"

Hopefully our swim with Desmond and Charlie to the Looking Glass last season is not the only chance we'll get to inspect the D.I.'s underwater station. In spite of Charlie's fate and Patchy's surprises, compared to the other stations it was a pretty tame outpost from our vantage point. After seeing a lone eyeball, missing arms, strange movies and experiments in the other stations, and the mutated sharks during The Lost Experience, I thought that any underwater Dharma expedition would be manned with entities more like those in Davy Jones' locker. Imagine if that could have been where the D.I. hid all their cloning experiments that went wrong, manning the LG with the mutated results of trying to clone living creatures in petri dishes on an Island with too much magnetism. Or they might have been crossing humans with sharks to create superhuman aquamen! Instead what we found there were two angry buff chicks with guns and a moon pool with a small communications room. But that's OK too. And besides, Patchy's re-resurrection and scary underwater demolition mission put the creepy edge into that Dharma location. The look on Patchy's face when he pulled the pin will be imprinted in our brains forever.

What we did see was speculation provoking for sure, but also limited. It was a compelling station with an interesting look that TPTB gave us, and I liked it. It answered a lot of questions, and added more as expected, but there weren't as many objects inside the LG station that we could glean clues and hints from, like there were in the Swan. A scouring of the walls inside the moon pool doesn't give up much and I had hoped that TPTB would have thrown us some more bones to chew on concerning the LG. After all, we have been anticipating some kind of underwater equipment to show up since Sayid and Hurley each came across the mysterious cable on the beach! We would have had the entire hiatus to pick apart all the items that TPTB could have thrown at us inside the LG, the way we could and did with the Swan accouterments and paraphernalia.

I get the feeling though, that we won't be going back to the LG very soon if ever at all. It might be that TPTB told everything that they need to tell with that station visually. Any future visits to the LG lore might only be via the Others' conversations and maps. I hope that I'm wrong, but there is probably more important storyline to tell within the other elements of the Island and its past, to be illustrated before the end of Season 6. It seems less likely also, since the sub is no longer usable if Locke did indeed blow it up. Unless they have spare subs on hand!


Amused2bHere said...

Nice blog, Capcom!

I agree, there just wasn't enough done with the Looking Glass. But I guess it suited their purposes.

I think they are using the Dharma stations more completely in the video game that's due out later this year, so maybe we'll get to play in all the Dharma stations without the Losties around. It might actually get me to upgrade that video card after all.

capcom said...

Thanks Amused! :-)

You're right, I forgot that TPTB said that they were letting the game peeps have mucho access to their station info to give them lots of details for us to explore. I sure hope that could mean for the LG as well! Even if they don't show things in the show, TPTB could make up cool things for us to mess with in the game. Hopehopehope!

It would be pretty cool if the game characters can swim down to the LG! :-D