Saturday, August 8, 2009

"This Little Piggie"

On the subject of the number of Jacob's and MIB's toes, there aren't many screencaps available to assist in the research of both of the men in question. A few images confirm that Jacob has the average number of toes on an Earthling, on the foot that counts anyway -- i.e. like the left foot of the broken statue.

As for MIB, I haven't come across any definitive caps to resolve the query of his features yet. If anyone finds a good one, let us know. Tx. :-)


lost2010 said...

I love your blog. I never thought to count their toes!!!

Capcom said...

Hey, thanx Lost2010! I wish that there was a better pic of MIB, just to be able to finish off the search and put it aside.

FYI, there is also a forum topic for this that I found in my search for digits: Jacob's Toes Forum

pgtbeauregard said...

Yeah, a new entry!

That's food for thought Capcom.

I wish we could count Richard's toes.

Capcom said...

You're right, we need a look at him too!

Surely it all must mean something. You'd think that the toe quandry would have been created on purpose for a reason to be seen eventually, since TPTB made sure that Sayid mentioned something about it in case viewers didn't notice. Although for Lost viewers, missing something like that would be impossible, haha! Someone has probably even figured out what kind of material the statue is made from, just by visual clues alone.

Sayid'sgirl said...

Yeah after all this time wondering if Ben and then Richard had 4 toes or not. When we get to the oldest inhabitants of the island I don't think to check their toes. lol

Capcom said...

LOL. I didn't really think of it until I was rifling through the finale screencaps and then saw that first pic and went, "Whoa!" and then, "Oh rats, five toes."

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I think the idea was to just go with the a four-toe comment by Sayid to make the initial scene more crazy. Another throwback to that was early in S5 when barefoot Sawyer stepped on something in the jungle and the camera lingered on the sole of his foot. I was even thinking crazy thoughts that they were going to throw everyone in the distant past and Sawyer would lose a toe, etc. etc.

Also, just playing devil's advocate here, who is to say that Tarawet has anything to do with Jacob and MIB? What if it was built by whoever was there before the present-day Hostiles and Jacob was like, A plinth! I called it first! And that's why MIB sulks. :)

Capcom said...

LOL, Wayne. And you're right, the statue probably has nothing to do with the Glimmer Twins, other than just some left-over architecture by the beach for them to utilize conveniently. I was thinking that myself.

But, we would be remiss in our obsessive Lostness if we didn't at least look, right? We've checked everyone else, we've gotta check the newbies too. Not to mention that far-reaching chance that Egyptian gods come from an extraterrestrial civ that came to earth, and these guys were descendents of that civilization, heheh. I'm just sayin'.


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

OK, what's the cool photo on the side? Just curious, you know. Oh, I agree about checking the toes, far as I know you were the first to do it (never mind the link you posted). Forums are forums, you take the time for screencaps!

True on the Island coming from outer (or inner) space, but I still think Tarawet was built after they'd been here awhile. Building a statue goes hand in hand with "progress," I'd say.

Still, you thought to look where I hadn't. It would suck if Phil the security guard was found to have four toes. Oh, I just thought of something. Locke took his shoes off for the ride in the outrigger. It's a stretch, but maybe dead Locke had five toes and fake Locke had four?

Capcom said...

Yes, I definitely agree about Taweret. :-)

LOL about Phil! Yeah, that's all we need, TPTB flashback to someone we gave no consideration to at all, and there's the four-toed island descendant! :-o

Haha! There ya go, about Locke. I think that we are still wondering about him right? What exactly is under those fancy Gold Toe brand socks?! I don't think that we've ever seen his bare feet yet, just plenty of socks. I'm waiting for there to be some kind of weapon in Christian's shoes or something. Maybe a scalpel for surgery emergencies that MIB/Flocke will find and use? j/k

Do you mean the image of Kate on the side? I made that with Photoscape from a screencap. That's how I made the header image too. Photoscape has some nice antiquing options in it, not to mention all kinds of other freaky effects. You can download it for free, I tried it after recommendation from some TLCers, so I knew that it was safe to download. Check it out!

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