Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Tribute To Professor Faraday"

Well, our man Dan seems to be really most sincerely dead. There is a poem that was written for the Canadian scientist Louis Slotin who worked on the Manhattan Project, after he selflessly endangered himself during an experiment accident (dying nine days later) to save his fellow colleagues. Dan plunged into danger without fear for himself to save people from the disaster of the oncoming DI Incident. The Slotin poem seems appropriate to dedicate to Daniel.

May God receive you, great-souled scientist!
While you were with us, even strangers knew
The breadth and lofty stature of your mind
Twas only in the crucible of death
We saw at last your noble heart revealed

Well done Jeremy Davies, you played Faraday with an excellence and sensitivity that made us love your character! Step up to your place in the SciFi Geek Heart-throb Hall Of Fame next to Mr. Spock. :-x

Once again, here's my little artistic trib to Dan the Man from a year ago.


pgtbeauregard said...

Just absolutely loved Daniel Faraday. First "newbie" I've ever grown really attached to. Even sopping wet, after being pushed out of the helicopter, just adorable.

Okay, soo sooo glad Sayid saved the day (even if it was Kate's rear end) I jumped up and screamed at the tv when I saw him. Startled my great danes, but it was great. Wanted somebody to high five.

Good tribute to the prof.

Capcom said...

Hi PGT, me too! I guess I've got a soft spot for science-y guys, but Dan was just so adorable and fascinating from (his) day one on the island. And a great deal of that is due to Davies, of course. You can tell that a lot of his personality came out in Dan, and he also says in a few interviews how long he's been into physics so he really emjoyed playing Dan and it showed.

Hahah, I shouted (not in a negative way) when Kate got shot, and then went "Ugh" when Sayid popped up. Then, I went "Yay" for Sayid, cuz he always saves the day. :o)

pgtbeauregard said...

Certainly thought Kate had bought it. But you just can't help but love that Sayid was Baaack.!!

Jack is sooo maleable. He'd be really bad boyfriend material. He's just going along with what Daniel says because????

How did Locke know exactly when to find himself in the jungle. So many questions with this epi. Sun in making a huge mistake in trusting him. also, did Richard tell the truth about watching them all die? Arrgh, my mind is spinning.

pgtbeauregard said...

Last comment,

I called it a long time ago that there were tunnels, and that's how Juliet and Ben got to the ? to watch the swan on t.v. Certainly almost everybody thought that too, but it's fun to see it verified.

Capcom said...

I've been a tunnel-rat all along too! How else could Ethan and Goodwin get to the wreckage so quickly? My theory is that the natives used the empty lava tunnels that were left over, possibly enhancing them over time. It's probably not that, but that was my tunnel theory.

Yeah, Jack would be easy to manipulate though, for a certain kind of female, i.e., just agree with everything he says, make him think you are doing it so that he feels like the big macho fixer-upper, and then go do what you want to do anyway, haha. Not that I'm that kind of female, of course, I'm not smart enough to be manipulative anyway.