Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Fifteen Down One To Go - 5.15"

James and Juliet have been juggling time the way they've been trying to juggle the truth, and it all began to catch up with them after the Heal Bennie mission. No good deed goes unpunished in Dharmaland it seems. It reminds me of where I used to work. And so do Horace and Radzinsky...why is it that the good managers have to kowtow to the nasty ones who always want to hurt the honest people who are just trying to do the right thing? Ah well, that's a rant for my other blog.

I have to admit that I was really put off by Locke sauntering onto the beach with another one of his egotistical "when I'm not being a crybaby I'm a hunter" boars. In my brain I said, "Oh brother." I think that Richard did too.

Locke may seem different to Richard, but we've seen this side of him before. Hopefully his current plans are more positive and productive than they have been in the past. And why is Richard so pliant when he is clearly put off by Locke's loose-cannon attitude? Doesn't he have any say in what goes on?

Oh Daniel, what have they done?! At least you got to look your parents in the eyes, together, in death. But I have to say, the question of Penny's mother and the ambiguous nature of Des' parents is making me really hope that we won't be finding out that those two are actually related. :-p

It was great getting the Red October action in the Galaga, that was fun. Not so much for Juliet, and Kate seems to be oblivious to the kind of stress that she's causing Juliet. "Hey!" seems to be her stock expression anytime she turns up where she really isn't wanted.

So, they're off to see the wizard are they? Is Locke speaking literally or metaphorically when he says that he's going to kill Jacob? He'll either kill the myth or the man, but his unwillingness to explain his motives is, again, annoying to me.

And Ben also, by the looks on his face throughout the episode. :-)

Jack's the new Dharma-shark! This scene was so neat, did TPTB find this perfect little grotto with a tunnel or did they create it? Maybe it's on the brochure of things to visit when in Hawaii. I hope that they cover that in an upcoming issue of Lost magazine like they have with their other complicated set designs!

How was Dan planning on detonating this test bomb? Will they merely break into it to expose the fissile material inside to set off a chain reaction? Either way I'm with Kate on this one, what good can come to them, in radiating the entire island?! I'm also beginning to agree with the Popular Mechanics theory that this may be why the Others' babies get mutated. The island properties may help make super-sperm, but this radiation cannot be good for reproduction. Not that I don't trust Dan, but he's gone now and Jack may be a great surgeon but he's not a physicist.

This notation in Dan's book has to do with "very small black hole" theories. The "Schwarzchild radius" to be exact and something about universe expansion. And it is related to Chang's Kerr metric. I'll try to post more on this on my Lost Science blog, because I'm wondering if the "pinhole" that Chang mentioned is actually his euphemism for a very small black hole.


Greg Tramel said...

i'm thinking we should call the new lockle Jeremy Bentham (even though he told the Ajiris his name is John Locke) just to distinguish him from pre death Locke

I think he sis speaking metaphorically about killing Jacob, don’t think you can actually kill the entity the Others call Jacob

Greg Tramel said...

remind me when it was when Chang mentioned the pinhole

Capcom said...

I'm wondering if that's what he means as well, TPTB always like to fool us like that with double meanings. :-)

Chang mentions in the pinhole in the ComicCon video last summer. After he introduces himself and what he does and works on, he says, "*static*...if I can keep this pinhole open long enough, you should be receving my message roughly 30 years..."static*." Whether or not TPTB are going to use this as part of the show remains to be seen, but when I read about the very small black holes, that came to mind. :-)

Capcom said...

P.S. That's also where Chang first mentions working with the Kerr metric.

Greg Tramel said...

ok, thanks! i need to go back and watch the video

lost2010 said...

It's gotta be a little heart wrenching for Sawyer that he basically stayed on the island waiting for Locke & Co. to come back. And when they finally did, all it did was cause him more trouble than he'd had since they left. Loved the conversation where he tells Juliet they should have left on the sub 3 years ago. I.e, shouldn't have waited for them.

Capcom said...

Hi Lost2010! I totally agree. And also the way Juliet told Jack previously that they didn't need saving. Jul's and James' integration into DI-ville was something that I did not foresee happening at all, and it was a really neat surprise.

I also love that so-far TPTB have given J&J a stable faithful relationship that hasn't been ruined by Kate's bend-with-the-wind affections and interference. Yet anyway.