Monday, May 25, 2009

"This Is Your Brain..."

And this is your brain on the Season 5 Finale of Lost!

At least it represents my brain, after watching the last episode of 2009. After all the new plot aspects, answers, characters, and information that we got in this fantastic double ep finale, I feel like Frank Lapidus watching that mysterious cabin that he doesn't understand the relevance of, going up in flames.

Like Frank's visage of the burning cabin, with the introduction of Jacob and his anti-compadre in black into the storyline, most of my previous comprehensions of what has happened in Lost thus far have instantly flamed out, and I feel as if I must re-analyze nuch of what I've "seen" happen to our Losties and their island counterparts for the past five seasons. Especially due to some apparent contradictions to previous flashbacks we witnessed, including Memphish's fascinating discovery that Sun and Jin's two weddings (pre and post Jacob visit) seem to have serious differences! Be sure to see her post on that.

Most importantly, we no longer need to wonder what Jacob looks like, and we have some idea as to what he's about, including hints that he has been on a verrrry long mission of some sort that appears to have been continually countered by his personal nemesis. That will be worth a couple thousand blog articles in itself across the Lost-o-net. In addition, we lost our friends Daniel and Juliet this season, with Juliet and her Romeo's parting scene practically squeezing tears out of my TV! Shakespeare has got some competition with that scene. And I stand up and applaud Josh Holloway's sobbing performance (which we know will get passed over at the Emmy's for some other politically-correct dramatic role).

As overwhelming as this double finale episode was, I guess that I'll be compartmentalizing my thoughts on it, one topic at a time, over the long hiatus haul. I have a situation with chronic pain that flared up in April and hasn't let up yet, and it kind of makes my brain shut off when it does that, so I haven't even rewatched the finale yet! I haven't read any of the major recap posts either, so I'm a little behind on the analysis schedule. I hope to catch up soon in case something juicy happens at this year's Comic Con that requires serious attention (hope, hope, hope!).

I very much enjoyed watching Season 5 with you all everybuddy, and I look forward to reading all of your thoughts on it through the long hiatus! :-)


pgtbeauregard said...

Oh, Capcom,

I didn't know about your chronic pain - so sorry. I dearly hope and pray you will find relief.

Am going to do the same thing you do, - re-watch and re-group. Nothing is the same any more, if we watch S1 knowing what we know now, will we wonder who was manipulating what. Makes the brain freeze.

Capcom said...

Aw thanks PGT! Thanks for your prayers too. :-) I need to learn from Our Mutual Friend Wayne Allen Sallee, how to make my brain use the pain like he does, instead of letting it shut me down.

There is sooooo much to think about over this hiatus! I almost kind of hope that whatever TPTB have supposedly pormised for this Comic Con isn't too complicated, so that my brain still has room to regroup, like you said, before Season 6 begins. Although that seems like a long time from now. I'm really counting on all the Lost blogger friends for helping with ananlysis of what we've just seen!

Thanks for stopping by! :-D

hatchling23 said...

It's a shame Jacob can't heal your pain.

I am having a hard time with the way the finale did the Jacob introduction and the Man in Black as his nemesis. I always thought this show was about the passengers of 815.

I'll look forward to more of your thoughts on this as we have time to digest and ponder this season 5.

Anyway, enjoy the hiatus and I hope you get well soon.

lost2010 said...

Sorry to hear about your chronic pain flareup! You will be in my thoughts. I always enjoy your posts over the hiatus!

maven said...

Sorry to learn about your chronic pain problem, Capcom. My husband suffers from chronic pain and it has effected both of our lives.

I'm starting the rewatch from S1 next week! All of these episodes have to be seen through S5 eyes!

Capcom said...

Hey Hatchling! And thanks. :-) Yes, the introduction of Jacob and the Man In Black does take the story on a sharp turn, but it could still end up being about the Losties. And I read/saw recently that as far as TPTB are concerned, that's what they want it to be about too, those people, so that's encouraging.

Thanks ladies. :-) And I'm sorry to hear about your husband too Maven. We sure have a lot to discuss, and the rewatches that people are doing for the hiatus are sure to bring up some new thoughts I bet! Which could be a good or bad thing I guess. :-o

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Aye, Capcom. For some reason today I feel as if the Hatch is imploding inside, all my bones pieces of metal.

@Hatchling23 This show IS about Oceanic 815. Think of it this way, 140 years ago, it was "a show" about The Black Rock.

Hopefully, and Capcom, will be the second to know, there might be some good news re: something something something. Then we might have, um, something to talk about before S6.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Oh, and Maven, same to you and your husband. I've compared notes with Capcom over the past eleven months to not seem heartless by ignoring the mention. If I don't post, its because I'm not able to type, but I do email Capcom. Soldier on, and all that. (Usually said by someone who doesn't know what the eff its like to be in the Tin Woodsman's body. Forget The Man Behind the Curtain. Give me The Man With the Oil Can. :)

Capcom said...

Hi Wayne! Well, with all the metal pieces in your body, I'm not surprised that you would feel like that. Just don't get near the magnetic anomaly! :-o Hope that you feel better.

But yes, you're correct, you do have to soldier on, no matter what. Must.....keep.....going! I think that I might start taking Tai Chi again soon. Maybe it could reverse the effects of the chemo that turned all my muscles into strips of dried up old leather. :-p

Can't wait to know what the big surprise is! :-D

LotteryTicket said...

Capcom, et. al. good to find you again. I posted to LostARG when the Ajira clues dropped and enjoyed your comments. I am sorry to hear that you are not well. Hope you find some comfort soon.

I am re-watching LOST from the beginning as a way to spend the hiatus. So after re-watching Pilot 1 &2, Tabula Rasa and Walkabout I feel like I could just perpetually loop through those four episodes. Wow. So much better now that Locke is fLocke. Can't wait to see if Jacob get's to play by the same rules! Maybe Jack is fJack?

Memphish, if you are not already reading from Karen's Notebook, you might want to check that out. She also has a Slide page full of all the contradictory/purposeful images that have followed LOST from the beginning. They are numerous and I hope she'll add images from Season 5 before too long.

My theories and predictions went out the door with the opening scene of Jacob and MIB. I was in the Mittlelos-Bioscience-floating-medical-ship camp where the island is not real but vitual, created to explore and manipulate our Losties minds. lol

Now I'm just along for the ride.

Looking forward to you comments over the hiatus.

Capcom said...

Hey Lottery! Nice to see you again, stick around with us all for the hiatus, I always enjoyed your ideas. :-)

Heheh, fake Jack (Fack)! Well, wouldn't that explain some things! Or rather, give him an excuse for some of his deplorable behavior if he was the MIB, haha.

Where is this slide page of contradictory images from Lost that you mention? I'd like to see that.

Hey, I like your theory of a floating "psych-ship"! That would have been neat and would have really fit in with Mittlewerk's final plan in TLE. Well don't worry, we all have plenty of theories that we have had to throw out along the way, that's for sure.

Thanks for your well-wishes, hope you have a good summer and hiatus! Hang out with us! :-D

LotteryTicket said...

Karen is part of the ODI. She is moving her all epi notes to this blog from her MySpace page. The slide is in the right column (scroll down). She pays great attention to the details (down to the ever changing eye colors!)

I'm subscribed now, so when you posted a topic I'll check it out.

I'll even go one step further with the theory. I'm ok with LOST if it stays in the fantasy/scifi world, but I would like a more realistic/futuristic explanation hence the 'medical ship'. There are so many references to drug, sleep, wake, ships, medical experiments, change of views, flashing, and in particular the limited storylines, characters (both in physical appearance) and dialogue which repeat over and over. I think we are seeing a collection of limited memories like a library. Whatever is studying these memories is looking for a solution to a big problem.

And I don't trust Richard Alpert.

If they don't answer the left-right reverse/mirror imagery in season 6, I'll be very disappointed. If the answer is multi-time lines . . . meh.:(

There are also some great list of Lost unanswered questions out there. I just want to know who's going to find the diamonds in the toilet in the Pearl Station!


Capcom said...

Hey thanks for the link Lottery! I didn't know about that blog. It's always good to have extra minds working on this mystery! :-D

You know, I really like Richard, but the way he acted so oddly this season it sure seems as if something is up with him. I don't know what, but he just acted so weird. Unless it was just all a planned ruse to throw us off kilter about him.

I like your librarian/scanner thought.