Friday, July 18, 2008

"Some Jack's-Mom Actress Trivia"

It would be nice if TPTB could throw us some more background information about Jack's mother, somewhere in the final two seasons. For instance, why she was not the best choice for loser Christian to marry (was she too good for him?), or what her part was in the disintegration of their marriage (was she emotionally unstable?), and if Jack is a crybaby because his mother babied him after his father would shoot him down (which might explain Jack's roller-coaster emotions).

I recently came across some early career photos of Veronica Hamel, who plays the apparently long-suffering Margo Shephard. She was one of the top Ford Agency models in the 1960s and early 70s before she started acting. Not a skeevy runway-super-model type like Janice Dickinson and Naomi Campbell (and dare I say, Tyra Banks?). Oh no, Hamel was at the apex of the international high-fashion modeling world, and someone for young women to actually look up to as a role model. I know that I did, and I used to draw her face when I was a kid. Her look was the epitome of 60s fashion, and was perfect for when an image of sophistication, grace, or futuristic beauty was called for to sell a product. She was gorgeous then, and still looks pretty good for her age. Just thought I'd throw out this bit of retro trivia, while we wait for the Comic Con craziness to begin soon. Look for the new OGR letter in your email today! :-)


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Hey, Capcom. I knew Hamel from HILL STREET BLUES, and when I became aware of her modeling career, perhaps because of the hairstyles of the day, I was always reminded of Priscilla Presley and Jacqueline Kennedy.

Capcom said...

I think that was her first major acting gig, she was good in that.

Yes, her look was very similar to Jackie K's sophisticated look also. :-)