Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Atlantean Subterranean Donkey Wheels"

More adventures of LOST following you wherever you go.
Today Turner Classic Movies ran the film "Atlantis, The Lost Continent". It's not considered to be one of George Pal's best efforts, but it is unusual enough to be good fun to watch and make fun of. The general story is that Atlantis became powerful and "created wonders for the good of mankind." Then all heck broke loose when false gods and egos prevailed, and world domination became its main mission. The usual revolt ensues, involving giant power crystals, volcanoes, slaves, and Manimals.

The scene that made my eyes bug out though, was the following: A bunch of slaves crawl down a hole in the ground, to a small subterranean cave, where they begin to turn a wooden donkey wheel. (!) The wormgear attached to the wheel disappears into a glowing hole, that emits vapors of some kind (probably hot vapors, since they are attempting to unleash the volcano and wreck the bad guys' giant crystal of doom). So gee whiz, where have I seen an underground donkey wheel scene before?! Like I said, there is no escaping LOST, it seems. The following are some photos that I snapped off of the TV screen, because I couldn't find any images of this set online. Sorry about the crummy quality, but I had to share this weird deja vu experience with you all.

Down the hole!

Turning the wheel to blow up Atlantis.


maven said...

That is so great! I guess Ben's FDW is not that unusual

Capcom said...

It was so freaky, I just about choked myself from gasping when they scuttled down that hole to turn the wheel! X-D

I guess TPTB saw this movie, heheh. This wheel exploded the island via the volcano, I can't wait to see what our island does next season.

Codysmom said...

I love it!! BTW they're showing that movie again on TCM at 10:45 PM. I just may have to watch it. I've always loved the possible similarities of Atlantis and Lost. If you look at my blog (Hurley, our Puppy) I posted a picture of Atlantis in May 2007. (The blog started out being of Hurley, but ended up just being a place where I'd do new avi's... lol)

Capcom said...

I went to check out your blog, I remember your avis! :-D

Yes, the Atlantis idea is great. It's kind of like TPTB are taking some of these old myths that w know, and weaving them into a new kind of mythology.

pgtbeauregard said...


This is unreal - so it's not such a weird science thing after all - well kinda, but it's been done before!!

Kudo's to you for taking good pics.

Capcom said...

Freaky, innitt? :-D

Mabye TPTB saw this movie.