Friday, October 5, 2007

"Is Locke Just Jacob's Puppet?"

When Locke chided Ben for having a fridge with chicken in it (that John didn't hesitate to chow down we remember) was it really Locke talking? Sometimes I wonder if Jacob has been talking through Locke, especially to Ben. Ben told Locke that Jacob didn't like technology. And we know that Locke did not really have a problem with using technology to his advantage all along his Lost story, up until the conversation in Ben's kitchen. So at the moment that he said that it struck me as a very odd thing for Locke to say. Odd even for inconsistent Locke. But it doesn't seem an odd thing for Jacob to say to Ben at this point. Ben has been living a life of dictatorial ease since the DI purge. Has he not been obeying everything that Jacob has ordered him to do and that's why Ben can tell people that Jacob's not a forgiving man? Ben might know first hand of Jacob's anger, if he's been slowly casting off his own puppet strings, to disobey Jacob on occasion. So a thought has been nagging me since, that Jacob is using Locke like his brand new ventriloquist dummy making him do and say things to put Ben (his old dummy) in his place, as well as to protect the island.

We know that Locke is very pliable, his Otherville dossier apparently even stated as much. So was it Jacob who mentally convinced Locke to not push the Swan button, after leading him to the Pearl to make him lose his faith (as fans have posed on their blogs as well)? Could it have been Jacob throwing the knife when John killed Naomi? He could not even kill the father that he hated all his life, to buy his ticket into the Tribe of Jacob which he wanted more than anything. How could John have so easily thwacked Naomi in the back like that with no hesitation?

If this is true, I think that Locke will finally have the breakdown that he has been verging on for years, at the moment that Ben says to him, "Do you really think that you're so special to this island? Do you think that Jacob healed you because he liked you? He was using you like everyone else in your life John, and you didn't even know it! You're nothing more than a puppet to him! (pan in for close-up of Ben's most evil sneering smirk ever) Ha-ha-ha!" Then switch camera view to Locke's quivering lower lip and tears streaming down his face. If Jacob is actually using and speaking through Locke sometimes, I wish that TPTB would make it easier for us to see, maybe like when the devil talked through Linda Blair in the Exorcist.


maven said...

Just want to say, Capcom, that's a great puppet pic of Locke!

capcom said...

Tx Maven! I would have liked a pic of Locke sitting on Jacob's lap, but not enough scene's with Jacob yet for that. :-)

pgtbeauregard said...

Great pic!!!

I don't know if Jacob was talking through Locke at that point. It seems that Locke is frustrated that the Others are seemingly living in the lap of luxury while the fusies camp out on the beach.

Now, blowing up the sub? I wonder whose idea that was. Locke seems extremely maleable, can Jacob control his actions? If Jacob has been controling Locke, then why the animosity with Jack? I want answers, and I want them now!!!!
TPTB are just sadists!

capcom said...

Tx PGT! I have also been wondering if Jacob made Locke go on his blowing up spree. Even though Ben took credit for influencing John with the sub, perhaps Ben was just taking the opportunity to scare Locke into think that it was him, and not Jacob, so Ben would look powerful to John.

I'm sure that there are many things that would make it seem otherwise, but until we get more facts, it could be possible.

Amused2bHere said...

Great pic!

If that scene plays out like you describe, I don't see John crying. I see John finally going postal! He'll finally get so mad that it would break whatever sanity he still has, and he'd actually have a psychotic break. He might even kill Ben with his bare hands!

Could be fun to watch, actually... ;)

capcom said...

Right Maven, something will definitely come after the tears for sure! Either Locke will go ballistic and blow up the entire island (the finale of his Blowing Up Tour!) or he will curl up into a fetal position and spend the rest of his life drooling.