Monday, October 1, 2007

"Is Hurley A Threat To Jacob?"

Lately I've been wondering a lot about Hurley in terms of his affect on the island or more specifically, on what Jacob's plans might be. Sometimes Hurley seems like the fly in the ointment, or the sand in the gears, of what we are told by Ben and Locke is "supposed to happen" on the island. Because there were so many events that might have deterred Hurley from getting on Flight 815 in the first place, it makes me wonder if his being on the island is a good or bad thing for Jacob, Ben, and Locke. Hurley's clock fails that morning so he's late for the flight, and then all the other series of stumbling blocks happened that stalled but did not stop him. And didn't the gate attendant tell him that he was not even supposed to be on that flight? But his determination gets him a place on the plane after all.

On the island, although Hurley still thinks that he is cursed, his persistence there seems to defy his "bad luck". He manages via his optimistic influence on his fellow castaways to enhance their morale and existence on the island, he helps to make better plans for their survival, and he does his share of saving the day when the other "leaders" don't feel that he can be counted on as shown in the finale of Season 3 most of all. He does all these things as a sort of behind-the-scenes silent leader of the group. So Hurley is a very positive influence on the island for the castaways as the unofficial "project manager" of the their post-crash survival.

But what kind of influence is he having on the survival of the island itself? Hurley's actions could be systematically undoing or hindering what Jacob and Ben have been trying to repair since the crash. Have Jacob and Ben not even really noticed that Hurley is such a force, because he is such a mild-mannered leader who is also a sort of "man behind the curtain" in his own humble way? After all, they had him in captivity on the dock and they let him go! Perhaps they don't notice Hurley as a force to be reckoned with because he's not a chest thumper like Jack, Sawyer, or Locke. Could it be that Jacob can't read everyone? Or is it because Hurley hasn't had a mind reading encounter with Smokey yet that keeps Jacob from getting a bead on Hurley's character and his moral fortitude? If some people were indeed meant to crash on the island, maybe Hurley was not one of them and his positive actions are also helping to slowly chip a hole in the dyke that is going to explode open in Season 4!


maven said...

Great thoughts, Capcom! I think Hurley was intended for "comic relief" and he definitely comes across as being eternally optimistic about being on the island and trying to make the best of a bad situation (remember the golf course). But there just might be more importance to Hurley then we are led to believe. He always seems to be there at the right time (rescuing Jin, Bernard and Sayeed).

He had so many obstacles to overcome to get on Flight 815 so maybe he wasn't supposed to be on the island after all. However, we know that everyone has a purpose to be being there. Hopefully, we'll get that answer.

memphish said...

Is this part of what you're asking Capcom? :-)

Seriously, Hurley was one of my favorites from the very beginning, ever since he gave the 2nd dinner to the pregnant Claire.

This post raises a question in my mind about course correction. In the most recent OLP Damon said something like the FF wasn't a possible future, but a real future because on LOST time travel works according to Mrs. Hawking's rules. What rules are those exactly? Just that the universe will course correct?

If that's the case, let's say that Hurley was not supposed to be on that plane and thus not supposed to be on the Island. That would suggest to me that he will not die on the Island, but will instead make it home. I'm not sure how far to push these ideas though.

I hope in S4 we'll start to see Hurley given the respect due him by the rest of the castaways. He was kind of a punching bag in late S3. Maybe we'll get another takedown like in Dave.

As for Hurley and Jacob, there hasn't seemed to be any connection positive or negative other than Hurley's inclusion on Michael's list. Which makes me wonder who created that list. Did Jacob tell Klugh who to put on it? Did Juliet after discussing Ben's plans in the Pearl as Paolo looked on? Or do the Others look on Hurley's compromised mental history as a disqualifier for whatever their purposes might be?

capcom said...

Haha Memphish, that's right you beat me to it! But I wasn't thinking about him being the man behind the Others' curtain, just maybe someone who has been acting out of the sight or range of Ben and Jacob's radar for the time being. Maybe fixing things that they might not want him to be fixing. For example, fixing the van so he could run down the Others on the beach, heheh.

As for time changing, as I posted on someone's blog, I think that if TPTB taped it already it's not changable (like Jack's FF), and if they didn't tape it yet it is changable. :-) Cuz, obviously Charlie not dying 3-4 times changed SOMEthing, until he finally died.

Hurley being on Mike's list, but being discarded, confuses me too. So I am just guessing (until we get the real answer) that they have no idea what he's capable of. He's sort of like The Little Engine That Could. :-)

And that thought leads me to what Maven said about Hurley's purpose. Aside from agreeing about the comic relief, maybe TPTB use his character to show viewers lessons about how you can do anything that you want to do if you put your mind to it -- without being preachy about it. Wasn't Hurley Jesus, or a prophet kind of guy, in Charlie's vision?

Amused2bHere said...

Capcom, your idea of Hurley being the x-factor is very cool. Go Hugo!

Just another example of how to overcome evil with good.

Cool_Freeze said...

Just come back LOST...PLEASE!!

4 more months...oh the pain.....



capcom said...

Thanks Amused. :-)

CF, your post makes me think that we really need a Dr.Smith type on the island. :o)

Cool_Freeze said...

yes please. Maybe I just need some of Lockes hallucination drug.