Tuesday, October 9, 2007

"The Devil's Triangle"

The relationship preferences that a lot of Lost fans seem to be so passionate about don't seem to interest me for some reason. Lost relationships have caused a lot of contention in online wars between the Jaters and the Skaters (and now Juliet is thrown into the mix!), but I don't care so much. I admit that I was happy for Hurley when he and Libby were getting together, because it's always great when the nice guy gets a break in a story. I also prefer to see married people like Sun and Jin stay together, and for new families to begin like with Charlie, Claire, and Aaron. Of course the depth of interaction, conflict or otherwise, between the characters in any story are very important. But so far I haven't emotionally invested any preference of whether Kate chooses to be with Smokey or anyone else on the island.

At this point, Kate and Sawyer have physically and emotionally gone light years beyond where Kate and Jack are, for the obvious reasons. And Jack seemed to have been resigned to leaving them to be together after he "accidentally" viewed their sleepover in the cage. But then Moses goes and tells Kate that he loves her on their flight through the wilderness in the finale! That's nice Jack, but it may be too little too late.

Personally, I don't think that Jack knows what love really is. It appears that Jack mistakes love for whatever surge of emotion that he feels for the "needy damsel du jour", which viewers have discussed in detail since seeing his FBs. Though like I've said before, Jack could possibly lift Kate up from where she holds herself down, but does Jack really know Kate anymore than Kevin? Accept for the fact that he learned she was a fugitive, he knows nothing about her life. Sawyer knows her better, even just from playing that "I Never" game with her. But Sawyer drags around his own baggage of moral and personal issues too.

Even if Juliet does not inevitably draw Jack away from Kate, I think that Kate should try to stick it out with Sawyer, since she made the choice to get physical and bond with him (repeatedly!). We would hate to see Sawyer find yet another reason to crawl back into his pitiful crusty shell. Who knows, maybe by the end of the show it might just be very important to the story who Kate ends up with. But however TPTB write it up is OK with me. I'm sure that they will make it a compelling component to the story whichever direction that Kate turns.


memphish said...

Oooh Capcom. You opened a potential can of worms with this one. LOST is a story about redemption so the question as regards Jack, Kate and Sawyer is what will it take for each of these characters to be redeemed. And as a corollary there's the question of whether or not it is the love of the others in the dread triangle that is a necessary component of said redemption.

I do think the ability to love and be loved as they really are is part of all three of their redemption stories. But at this point given both Island story and flashbacks it seems to be the case that Sawyer and Kate have the potential to find redemption with one another though both are still greatly fighting it. And Jack as marked by Achara is destined to be the cheese standing alone.

While Jack and Juliet might turn into a brief diversion for the both of them, neither of them seems likely to "commit" to the other. Juliet as well as everyone else in the world knows that Jack thinks he loves Kate and is not stupid enough to give her heart to such a guy. (Hey a reason to like Juliet. A first for me.) And as you say Capcom, I don't think Jack has a clue what it means to love a woman for real.

I also like your point that if Kate wanted a Jack type she had her shot with Kevin. But she doesn't do taco night. By the same token, I'm pretty sure she doesn't do doctor's office Xmas parties. (They are dreadful says the doctor's wife knowingly.)

And most of all, I really don't want Kate to throw Sawyer who she chose over for Jack. I can live with Jack and Kate ending up together both briefly or in the end, but not under a fickle or sloppy seconds Kate scenario. It's time for Kate to cowboy up with her choices, especially if she's pregnant.

Cool_Freeze said...

Kate, Sawyer, and Jack are all three dead giveaways. First off, Sawyer's con gal will come into play. You are right about Jack, Capcom. He has no clue what love is..not a clue. He is confused.

I have a feeling that to solve this triangle...one of these characters are literally going to be a "dead" giveaway. One of these characters will have to die in the end. I am only saying that this should happen the last season. Whatever the case may be, TPTB will figure it out and make it work.


memphish said...

I agree CF, I think in the end Sawyer will die, and in fact will sacrifice himself for Jack and Kate. Jack's already made that sacrifice, so it will be Sawyer's turn.

Maybe Kate could sacrifice herself for the boys and then Jack and Sawyer can raise Kate's baby. :-D

capcom said...

Wow, Memphish, you have a point about the redemption thing that I very much agree with now that you mention it. Well, I said that it might turn out to be important! ::cough:backpeddling!:cough::

I'll agree that the marking with Achara is cheesy. ;-)

I think that there is a possiblity that maybe Jack and Juliet could get together just because they both like to save/help people. "No way, you like to save people? I like to save people too! Oooooh sweet mystery of life at last I have found yooooooou!"

Heheh, for a guy like Kevin I would do Taco Night, Baked Potato Night, Grilled Cheese Night, you name it night!! Maybe Kate also needs to learn the meaning of sacrifice in relationships. Would office Christmas parties fall under sacrifice Memphish? :o) Kate is very selfish to think that she was the only one giving up anything in the marriage...maybe Kevin doesn't like to do "going home to wifey night" either, but he does now that he's married.

You know CF and Memphish, I am getting a strange feeling that Sawyer is going to die in the end scheme of things as well. Weird. Death might be what the island (or God) will require of him for redemption, now that he has willfully killed so many people (Smokey's Eko-Payback-Syndrome?). And who knows how many he will kill in Seasons 4,5,6?! When everyone finds out what Charlie did for Claire and Aaron, it might have an affect on some peoples' hearts in learning what self-sacrifice for the ones you love is all about. And that life is not all about Me-Me-Me. That's definitely a lesson that Sawyer needs to learn, as Hurley was trying to teach him.

memphish said...

At least this topic lets us make lots of jokes. "Sweet mystery of life" indeed Capcom.

More seriously, it's sad, but Sawyer never killed anyone until Australia. The guy who set him up (Hibbs I think) even says to Sawyer that he's not the killing type. He's certainly gotten over that on Island. Poor Sawyer.

And I'm willing to have Taco Night with Kevin any day, any time. I guess I'll get in line behind you Capcom.

And yes office Xmas parties is a great example of marital sacrifice. If Kate thinks Taco Night is bad she ought to try skipping the party you want to go to in order to hang out with the girls from the office and their spouses.

capcom said...

You're right about Sawyer. Before, he just had the will to kill that drove his sorry existance. Then he got tricked into acting out his fantasy. I guess that we could say that maybe on the island Sawyer has mostly been acting like in a war for survival, but the Cooper thing is a little dicey. He kind of got tricked into that one as well though.

Cool_Freeze said...

Yes, that was a type of con in the way of Locke. I never looked at Locke as much of a con artist, but he did it in a very sneaky way. He did it in such a way that you would have to argue if he is really the guilty one or not. Sawyer did the killing, but he was summoned to kill like he did before. Locke is a very intelligent man like his namesake.


capcom said...

I agree CF, that was a very sleezy trick on Locke's part! It gave me the creeps then, and still does.

Amused2bHere said...

So, if our boy Locke has gone from being the conned man to being the con man, has he become like his father?

How much more until he and Ben are twins?

Cool_Freeze said...

Ahh that's a good point Amused. Locke and Ben have been fighting as if they are in a power struggle. The truth is, Locke has gotten so wrapped up in competing with Ben that he has forgotten his purpose on the island. It may be that the Season 3 finale was his turning point.


capcom said...

Interesting! Ben sure did become that which he despised...a crappy and hated father. And all of Locke's "best" intentions seem to be turning him into the epitome of what he hated about his father too. Once upon a time, Locke's dreams were pure, but now they are tainted by lying and murder. Hopefully we'll find out in S3 if it was all worth it.