Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Random Thoughts On S6.10"

* Wow, we sure got a submarine load of answers this week! Oh wait, that was the other J.J. Abrams show that gave us answers. Haha.

* I don't know what to think about the FS sequences still. They're weird, different, and still confuse me. But Greg and Wayne have talked about the possibility that the Losties might cross universes, which would be pretty neat and could explain some of the strange out-of-character behavior that the Losties have exhibited at times. Many times. And the deja vu moments as well.

* It was curious that MIB didn't have much to say to Sayid about the emptiness he feels. Something like, "Yeah, it's cuz you're dead and just a shell now," would have been useful. I get the feeling that although MIB has an overall goal, he might not have the best of strategic plans for escaping. He doesn't know too much about humans and human nature. We know that he assumes they're all idiots - and to him useful idiots - but perhaps he doesn't take into account the chaos factor and millions of variables in play when humans don't react the way that you expect them to. Enter Sawyer's plan to trip him up, perhaps?

* When Jin turned on the brainwashing program in Room23 I wonder if he had seen it before? Jin got more answers than we did this week, heheh.

* Finally Jin gets to see his daughter for the first time, how great was that. Someone at TLC or EyeMSick mentioned that it would be pretty neat if Jin is taking Sun to get treated by Juliet for the gunshot wound. OK, OK, I guess the Sideways world could be interesting sometimes.

* Thanks Lost Untangled for the cool picture of eeevil Mr. Paik. Harsh dude, making Jin pay the assassin for his own demise. I don't think even Mario Puzo thought of putting that twist in 'The Godfather'.

* Kudos to those who noticed that Keamy was wearing Paik's watch back in the Sayid episode.

* I wonder why MIB couldn't have just given those pylon stands a Jean Claude Van Damme sweep-kick to knock them down?

* Does MIB need to get the candidates off-island (or at least all in one place to kill them) to make sure that there is no new Jacob to keep him trapped? I don't think that he has plans to grant them any wishes.

* Should we derive anything from the fact that Widmore calls MIB a 'thing'?

* Aww, look at Jack being all responsible and leadery and stuff for Sun. Well I guess it's about time. It was a good scene.

* And last but not least, if Danny Faraday is married to Zoe Blowy in the FS, I'm going to puke like Muppet Dr.Chang. Blargh!!!!!


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

What I'm concerned with--a bit--is that the Mirror reality is 2004. I suppose each character is a Constant for their 2007 selves.

I do indeed think that Widmore knows that Smokey is a thing. The Man in Black, the Titus Welliver version, I don't know that Widmore ever met him. I'll have more to say soon, as I think that locked room on the sub is a containment chamber.

lost2010 said...

I wish more and more that Juliet's reset had just worked and that we were only watching the alt. I think my brain is just afraid at this point to get too attached to either world because one of them may not be 'real'. Y'know?

I kind of liked this one idea I read though. The first and only thing that has ever made me vaguely interested in Desmond's part in all this.

Someone proposed over at STV that MIB may have originally inhabited Desmond's body (or one just like it).

Now, that would be really interesting!

Capcom said...

Right Wayne, if the FS was in 2007/8 it would be an actual mirror, but it is skewed by a few years.

Yes, that would be better I think Lost2010. And I'm too confused to get attached to anything at this point.

That's a weird idea about Des and MIB. But from the promo pix, maybe there's something to it. :-o