Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Random Thoughts On S6.05"

Poor Jack is all over the place in this episode, but mostly he was pretty calm and zen until he had a tantrum, but later for that. Overall it looks as if Jack might be the one being prepped to be the new Point Man for the island, whatever island is left above water by the time the story is done. In Universe#2 he seems to be a fairly together man, although we don't really know what broke up his marriage to Mrs. Jack and separated him from his son.

OK, in the commentary version of the DVD for this ep, TPTB have to imitate Wayne and Garth here and go, "Doodely-doo, doodely-doo, doodely-doo." For Wayne's World fans only, heheh.

I thought that there might be more here in the confrontation between Dogen and Hurley. A little more Dogen is totally alright by me any time, he's my favorite new character. It felt to me as if he really knew why Hurley was there, but was just giving him a psychological security check or something, but I could be wrong.

All this talk about Kate finding Claire now has got to mean that there is going to be a big show-down between them when they finally meet up. And no one is better for the job than Kate I suppose, now that Claire has gone sour with infection and with the bad company she keeps. Kate will be up to the challenge, but she may get caught off guard by the new Claire. MIB may also have some interesting psy-ops planned for Kate as well, if he is there when the two women meet up in the jungle. If present, he's sure to throw some mental zingers at Kate in front of Claire to make her look bad, not to mention accusing Kate of botching the job of raising Aaron. That will surely be a sore spot for Claire and drag out the time it takes to convince Kate that Claire is lost to the dark side forever. I do wish that somehow Claire could be cured and that she and Aaron could be reunited. Something stuck out at me when Kate was telling Jack and Hurley her plans: why didn't Jack mention that Claire was his sister? Why doesn't he show any concern for her well-being? Why didn't he even just say, "Hey, she's my sister, please take good care of her and bring her back safely," or even, "Thanks for looking out for her, I sure don't care." I don't get it.

Hurley gives a lot of audience perspective tonight, as he has before. There must be a name for that in theater-speak. He waxes about the early days of tromping through the jungle with Jack, and wonders about Adam and Eve in the same way we have. Just one question...were TPTB giving us a hint about their origin, or putting the kabosh on one aspect of our speculation about them? And should Hurley have looked at the camera and said, "Spoiler alert!" before getting philosophical about them? Hmm.

Well, just when I was thinking that this was the first episode where I like Jack all the way through, he goes and breaks up my new favorite place on the island! And gives us a few more pages of classic Jackface in the process, be sure to check that out on the Lostemedia pages for the lighthouse scenes, heheh. Kudos to TPTB for thinking up such a fascinating concept as a lighthouse that can home in on, well, your home! A lighthouse mechanism that can reflect your life in it's mirrors all the way across the world is Jules Verne worthy. I've been out of the SciFi written fiction loop for a while so I don't know if this idea has been done recently, but it sure hasn't been on TV before. Similar virtual-vision concepts for sure (I guess even the Wicked Witch of the West used her crystal ball in a similar way), but wow, this was just a great idea for the island. Has anyone figured out where the lighthouse sits on our island fan-maps yet?

I do have one continuity question here...if Jack watched David practice his music for hours and hours when they were still a family, why did Jack tell Dogen#2 that he didn't know how long he had been playing? Huh?

Once again Hurley is the voice of the people, in expressing his weariness of secrets kept and words not spoken when needed. But Jacob assures him and us that everything went as planned. Whew.

One of the most gratifying aspects of this episode was finally finding out what Claire has been up to. Not exactly like Rose and Bernard, she's kept herself in the jungle apart from other humans and enjoys playing an axe version of whack-a-mole with the Others. In her defense though, that guy did admit that he would have killed her if he had the chance. I wonder what he meant saying that she "remembered it wrong" when she talked of her infection test? And if she was at the temple when the waters were pure, why wasn't she healed I wonder? The new Claire seems to fit that old Monty Python song:

Claire's a lumberjack and she's OK
She sleeps all night and she hunts all day
She has a boar's head baby
And a really creepy friend

Poor Claire, Charlie sure didn't give up his life so that she could become Mrs. MIB. Oh and one more thing, thanks a lot ABC for telling us last week that Jack was going to break the mirrors in the promo. Pfff.


Greg Tramel said...

LOVE!! the graphics on this post and last, did you use some kind of manipulation on the previous post's photos?

now i need to read it

Greg Tramel said...

from Wayne's World to Monty Python, that about sums it up

Greg Tramel said...

i'm not sure how much Dogen actually knows, at first i thought he was another Richard type and had been around forever but i don't think that's the case, maybe RA just filled him in on the rules without all the details which enabled Hurley to play the Jacob and Candidate cards

yeah, Jack and Hurley had a great camaraderie going in their trek but Jack's selfish ways came back to haunt him instead of talking to Kate about Claire

Hurley does a great job of mouthing what we are thinking, it may be called exposition on stage but i don't quite think that's the right word either, i don't think TPTB were spoiling or kaboshing, just breaking the 4th wall was us crazy Lost watchers and actually Adam and Eve are the least of my questions

i'll leave the mapping to you and Wayne and the other mappers

i'm still a little baffled by the clear/dark healing waters and how it relates to the healing/infection, or if it relates to baptism and/or the fountain of youth

Greg Tramel said...

aroci meant to include part of what has me baffled is the whole notion of forgettting everything after being healed in the temple that RA said about Ben, because Claire and Sayid seem to remember quite a bit

got me???

Capcom said...

Tx! I didn't do anything to the previous post's pix except search and capture. The one with the door is actually a photo of one spiral staircase with a shadow that makes it look like a double...I thought that was neat.

I've got my doubts about Dogen being ageless like RA as well but who knows.

You're right, maybe Jack was too uptight about Kate and he forgot about Claire.

What concerned me about what Hurley said about Adam and Eve, is that TPTB might either be saying "Don't even think about it being that" or giving us too big of a hint, if it is that. If it's the former, I would say, "Aw shucks."

Do keep an eye out for the maps though, I know that you go through a lot of images in your mystic treks online. :-)

Yes, I'm still confused about the water too, and I hope that won't go into the bucket for "the questions that can't possibly be answered". And you're right, those two don't have much of an amnesia problem, do they?

Tx for stopping by! :-D

lost2010 said...

Great post! I guess I'm just an old Jack fan but it didn't bother me that he broke up the mirror.

Maybe because they spoiled the mirror breaking with the promo the previous week though.

I got the Wayne's World . . but then I was an old Wayne's World fan so I guess maybe I prove the rule.


Capcom said...

Hi Lost2010, tx!

I guess that it shouldn't bother me either, since Jacob meant for that to happen more or less.