Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Happy Lost Birthday Ian"

My nephew Ian's 10th birthday fell on the night before Lost S-6 starts tonight, so he asked for a Lost themed birthday cake. Actually he's been asking for a Lost cake since before his last birthday. So he designed the cake which was a chocolate bundt cake to be the island, we coated it with shades of green icing, and he and his mom printed out pics of Lost icons to put on and around the cake including the Lost Lego-like figures, a sub, canoe, sailboat, rowboat, yellow prop plane, and of course Smokey and a polar bear. In the middle he wanted the Swan hatch and they poked a hole in it and put a tea light underneath to make the light from the Swan, with Locke at his position to bang on the hatch. All this was set on a blue plastic sheet on the tray for the ocean. He and his mom did a great job. We also decorated the living room table with island/tiki themed things, including a stuffed polar bear and a rubber eyeball (homage to Patchy of course).

Well, have fun tonight everyone! I'm in a gloomy mood today, so I hope that tonight's episode is filled with spooky and frightful things. How could it be otherwise after an entity took over a corpse and a bomb and/or energy pocket exploded?! I don't suppose that the island can be blown to bits like one of the bomb test islands in WW2, but who knows. I'll be thinking about you all as I'm watching in tandem with everyone around the world. Bon-Lost-voyage friends! See you on the flip-side of the premier. :-)


Bigmouth said...

OK, that's the coolest thing EVER!

BTW, just wanted to give you a heads up that your problem with the comments on my site may be due to use of an invalid e-mail address.

Capcom said...

I showed Ian your comment and he got a big smile. :-)

Tx for the heads-up about the problem, I used an email that I always use, but I'll try another one.

Sayid'sgirl said...

That is such an awesome cake. Great idea and decorating. I bet he had a great day.

Capcom said...

Tx, yeah, he was very proud of his Lost cake. It was all his idea.