Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Second Lost Poster"

The second installment of Lost posters to buy suckered me in and I bought one. I'm number #105, dang so close. :-)

This poster is very reminiscent of the movie poster for "Vertigo", but with the wheelchair it fits better with "Rear Window", that had James Stewart in a lower body cast the entire movie. He played an intrepid globe-trotting photo journalist, and no one told his character what to do in that movie either!

This poster also has some personal meaning for me, since I've been spending the past few years recovering from aggressive chemo and radiation therapy which rendered me physically handicapped in many ways. So I have to keep telling myself that my limitations can't tell me what to do, although I often must succumb to them. I'll just keep this poster handy for inspiration!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

"This Little Piggie"

On the subject of the number of Jacob's and MIB's toes, there aren't many screencaps available to assist in the research of both of the men in question. A few images confirm that Jacob has the average number of toes on an Earthling, on the foot that counts anyway -- i.e. like the left foot of the broken statue.

As for MIB, I haven't come across any definitive caps to resolve the query of his features yet. If anyone finds a good one, let us know. Tx. :-)